Patrick – Green bat with black dots; Kathy's oldest and closest friend.

Crescent – Graceful bird with blue-green feathers; changed her name at a young age out of spite.

Cloe – Flame-pelted fox with white tail-tip; oldest Foxred sister.

Krissy – Scarlet-furred fox with a white paw; middle Foxred sister.

Crystal – Dark red-and slightly blue-fox with white right ear; youngest Foxred sister.

Berry – White tiger with glossy emerald stripes; Kathy's younger sister.

Goldie – Yellow dog with flappy ears; usually happy, and quite positive.

Batty – Dark vampire bat with colors comprised of shades of purple and blue; rough, frightening, and unpredictable.

Yaroo – Panda with a literally flaming head; a very rough being, but can be polite and formal.

Frost – Glossy-pelted snow world with unusually large fangs; leader of a young wolf gang, and very loyal.