Do you remember?

Do you remember that first awkward hello?
when our moms pushed us together,
how we thought we were to icky to play with
but still did to make them happy

Do you remember those games?
the ones we'd play as children
in that imaginary world,
you the prince and I the princess

Do you remember pre-school?
when no one would play with me.
All the boys teased me and pulled my hair.
You chased them away and shared your cookies.

Do you remember when my cat died?
I called you at one in the morning and you weren't mad.
You listened to me cry and comforted me,
Staying on the phone until I fell asleep

Do you remember when I said I liked you?
How you were embarrassed to be seen with a dork.
But then bragged to all your friends later,
and admitted you liked me too

Do you remember middle school?
With the cool kids and brainy-akes.
How we hung out by the swings each recess,
exchanging notes so we wouldn't fail

Do you remember our first date?
How we sat through that movie,
not really knowing what we should do.
I loved that movie, even though it was horrible

Do you remember that first kiss?
Standing outside my front door.
How my father peeked through the window,
before pulling me inside to give me a lecture

Do you remember when you told me you loved me?
You said you wanted to be with me forever.
That there was no one I could be compared to.
You said you would never hurt me

Do you remember our first high school party?
How we walked in together but somehow drifted apart
Do you remember that girl you were with?
As I watched you drape you arm around her and pull her close

Do you remember that awkward glance?
You'd pass me in the hall and look into my eyes
But still you kept going without a word
Ignoring my presence

Do you remember my calls?
The ones you'd hear, but would not answer
Erasing the messages
Calling them a waste of space

Do you remember when you broke my heart?
Confronting me one day saying you were bored
Then I cried all night long
As I flipped through some old pictures of us

Do you remember me?
That girl you've known your entire life
But managed to forget
In only one night

Do you remember?
I remember everything
But somehow I've forgotten that little prince
In that imaginary world