Red Wishes

(The Re-Written Version)

By: Niki Tori

Prologue: Akio's Wish for Love

December twenty-fourth emerged out of nowhere. The page slid from the wall calendar and hit a young lady's head. Yawning she woke up from her nap and headed to the fridge. Apparently her girlfriend had raided the kitchen. There was nothing left but two badly aged leeks. Her stomach grumbled as she fell to her knees. Loudly she hollered into the refrigerator only to receive an annoying echo. A tumble weed rolled out causing her stomach to gripe even more. Again she would have to go to work on an empty belly. With all the might she could muster, Akio rose from the floor. Wobbling side to side, she made her way to the bathroom. Slowly she cleaned up and got dressed in her work uniform.

"Nothing like working fast food…I hate my life…I hate my life…I hate my life." She murmured, dragging her weak frame out of the apartment.

Swinging similar to a pendulum Akio made her way down the sidewalk. Children pointed in made fun of her tacky appearance. Couples kissed and glared down at her as if she was nobody. It felt as though the whole world thought her a fool.

"It's like all of my dreams are useless. I want to be married and have kids. But no man will ever want me, and no child would be proud to call me mom. Not someone like me."

On her arrival to work she was sent immediately to clean the restrooms. The smells were putrid and let's just say the stains on the wall were not from a chocolate milkshake. Even though she managed to survive the washrooms, there was still the garbage to take out, the toddler seats to clean, and the returning of old lady Namiki's teeth. It was always so chaotic on the holidays…always so terribly lonesome. Again today there was no break for Akio, work had to be done. Work that no one else wanted to do. At least she was going to get paid overtime for it.

As nightfall fell across the town, the small burger joint locked its doors. Akio pulled and yanked the remaining garbage from the back door. Huffing and screaming she threw it into the dumpster. Just as she was about to spew curse words she noticed a bright red light slashing through the dark sky. Its presence was immense; its aura pulsing harder and harder as it neared the earth.

"Is that a shooting star…I should make a wish!" Her eyes shut firm at her decision. "I wish I had a super hot boyfriend! Not just any old hot boyfriend either, one that was bad assed…majestic…and uh…gentle on the inside. Also he has to smell like lilacs too! I want him to be there just for me and love no other!"

A second after and the star imploded then faded into millions of tiny particles. Surely that went against everything she had learned in science class. The girl marched back home and showered up as usual. It was foolish to continue dreaming…to rely on stupid folktales. It was dumb to even hope to one day be a bride. If only that rejection hadn't happened, she wouldn't be alone…she wouldn't be numb. Akio got dressed in her bunny pajamas, and crawled into her small futon.

"Wishing on a star…what was I thinking?" The girl laughed, and pulled the covers up to her nose. Tears fell from her soft aqua green eyes. "I was destined to be alone. Always…alone that's me."

Ever sinking despairs of loneliness pulled her into sleep. Despite being in a resting state, the tears continued to flow. Dreams of her old crush clouded her mind. He discarded her request so frigidly. To think, all that time she had spent opening up to him was for nothing. All the secrets she spilled and meals she tried so hard to make just for him. Then in the end she discovered, he never even thought of her as friend.

On Christmas day, the girl felt incredible warmth unlike she had ever felt. The sun was on her face as well as a gloved hand. Tenderly she rested her hand on his until she noticed she had no clue who it was that was touching her. With all the strength her body could exert she begin to fight the male off. Grinning he pinned her down and focused his ruby eyes on her face.

"Who could have guess, the one who would acquire my services would be such a pale beauty. I won't be too rough on you…I mean a wisher gets what they want right?"

"W-who the hell are you!?" Akio squealed.

"I am your boyfriend…" He smirked, before kissing the tip of her nose. The purple haired gentleman stood up, revealing his naked body. "…I am surprised you even had to ask."

A large stream of blood shot from the girl's nose as she collapsed back into bed. He shrugged then pushed himself under the covers with her.

"Get out!" Akio wailed, pushing the nude male away.

"Are you suffering from PMS or something?"

"Ah just get out of my bed!"

A/N: This is an older idea of mine, which I dusted off and decided to alter. It's definitely not going to be the same as the original. So if by some divine chance of fate you actually remember the original and want to read this version…then feel free to say what's on your mind. If your just curious than feel free to read and review. If you'd like me to continue with the story than just let me know. As always thank you for your time!

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