Title: The Revenant Republic
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Supernatural
Warnings: BRITISH SPELLING! M/M scenes. Violence. Graphic sex. Later fetish scenes.
Chapter: 0/?
Summary: It was in 2037 that they revealed themselves, crawling out of the night in numbers so vast it was a wonder they'd ever hidden themselves. The Vampires came...

Comments: Oh no, not another vampire romance, I'm sure you're thinking. This story is, I hope, different. The story follows Cian, a human who has become subservient to vampires and surrendered his soul to their rule. It is set in a world where Vampires have taken over the UK government and set up their own Republic. It follows Cian through his own personal problems, but also his relationship with Weston Frank, a vampire who is fighting to abolish vampiric rule of the British Isles.


This is not a story about freedom... This is a story about cages, those into which we are forced, and those that we create ourselves.

It was in 2037 that they revealed themselves, crawling out of the night in numbers so vast it was a wonder they'd ever hidden themselves. They took London easily, overwhelming the human populace so quickly that it was said that there were some who were members of The Revenant Republic without even hearing there had been a change of government.

Some men rallied an army in the North. They said that it was honour they fought for.. Freedom... They called it war. I called it suicide. It was clear to those of us in London that this wasn't war, this was domination in it's complete form. We could no more fight against these creatures than we could fight against God.

For a while, the Northern Army managed to inflict some form of losses on the creatures, providing a false hope for those who truly thought we'd be free. And then they came. The vampires of the East were ruthless. They destroyed the Northern Army in it's entirety, crucifying them by their thousands along the coast. The White Cliffs of Dover were red with spilled blood and black with carrion birds.

Somewhere in the Hebrides there are still some freedom fighters, but they are a group of radicals now. Idiots with a wish for death going against something so powerful they can't possibly comprehend it.

Within a month of the crucifixions there was a mass overhaul of the entire country. Up until that point the vampires had been hunting those of us stupid enough to go out after dark, but the new government sent out an edict. No vampire was to hunt any more, they would instead act like civilised creatures and take 'donated' blood.

That year the children disappeared. They were taken by the vampires, hidden away in the bowels of Westminster until they returned, brainwashed and dead-eyed, pets of vampires. From them the 'Blood Bank' was born as an idea. Some volunteered to be permanent blood-givers as their job, living in luxury, allowing vampires to feed from them. They're called 'Blood Whores' by the humans who don't understand, but the vampires refer to them as 'Clerics'.

I am one of these Clerics. I volunteered. After the World changed, I didn't want to live my life in the anarchistic streets. Although the anarchy cleared, and human life continues under the watchful eye of our vampire rulers, it is hard for them. The jobs they do to support the economy are different. There are no human lawyers or scientists, no humans allowed a place of power. Those who were once the esteemed of society now work in factories, making car parts that the vampires ship out overseas.

In this Revenant Republic, we are slowly forgetting what it was like before the vampires came...