You read me these stories

Before I go to sleep

I ask you if their true

And you say they are.

I don't believe you mummy.

I'm sorry

But I don't think

That a princes kiss

Can wake a girl from a sleep

Because even

Nanna's hoovering couldn't wake

Grandad up.

And I don't think

That a prince

Could climb up

A princess' hair

Without her screaming in pain,

Because Charlotte Jones

Screamed very loud

When I pulled her plaits

In maths yesterday

And I got sent home.

And I'm very sorry mummy

But I don't believe

For one minute

That a stepmummy could be so mean

To little Snow White

Because when Hannah's Stepmummy

Hit her

She rang child line

And they locked up her Stepmummy.

And I also don't believe

That people like


Can come back to life

When we clap

Because I clapped my hardest

Crying a lot

And Rover didn't come back.

So you see mummy,

I don't like these stories you tell me

Because I've realised now,


That life doesn't have a happy ending,

Otherwise we would all survive it.

So don't lie to me mummy

Because it confuses me

And I don't like to be confused.