The Game of Love

It's a wondrously cruel game which we choose,
a backstabbing game that we just can't lose.
Every generation is all the same
Different rules for the same old game

We lie, we cheat, we steal, but still
refuse to acknowledge the fact
that maybe the game's not supposed to be won
but to keep the knowledge intact

We know we're weak but we blame each other
Casting our flaws on the shoulders of another
Then we call it our "human nature"
not owning up to our many failures

We're pitied and pardoned and made into heroes
Whilst our partners and lovers are caught in the throes
Their names are dirtied and dragged through the mud
While we are all innocent "victims of love"

There are repercussions for the ways that we live
And so often we steal rather than give
In a game such as this, hold onto your ace
Don't give it all to the first pretty face

Put others before you, keep yourself last
or else, for certain, you'll be headed down fast
Treat others the way you want to be treated
And maybe, just maybe, you might have succeeded

But you have to discover it all bit by bit
There is no guide book no "steps to win" list
You'll try and fail, and try yet again
And all along wonder how it could have been

You'll have heartache and heartbreak but stay true to yourself
No one but you can truly foretell
How it might end and where it might go
or when, if at all, you really do know

What love feels like, if it's genuine or fake
or just another round of no give and all take
No one has all the answers, not even you
But that doesn't mean that it's all not true

You can win the game, but not by cheating
Seek the truth in the love, though the thoughts may be fleeting
You'll see, though it's hard and you'll have your doubts,
That love is something you can't live without

The rules are changing
Constantly rearranging
Just keep your wits about you
And you'll make it through

Don't jump to conclusions, get real facts
Understand everything before you act
It's exciting and horrible, this game we play
But know this one thing: you will win one day

It's different for all, though you'll be told it's the same,
And you'll have many victories in this old love game.

Written 12-13-09