Song of the Unconquered

As that clock ticks on,

the world around him turns gray.

They are unaware of their purpose in existence.

The wild beast among the herd,

may in fact be the Wiser.

Cradled among the real savages,

must he, the Condemned, survive.

A day will come where they,

shall shun their thoughts

and become Humanity.

Because that one being, the Beast,

may have done the one task

which both angers and amazes these

Blind, Untamed fools.

And by agreeing to forcefully live

in the steps of the Non-questionable jungle of life,

they become instantly blinded,

knowing this circumstance,

and still choosing to be rid,

of the potentially Luxurious world.

But he who takes the right path,

truly is the Unique

For he accepts his difference,

and bears it with pride.

Despite their hatred towards him,

he not only survives, but fulfills

that full Potential of life

And among the rest,

is the one White Standing point in a gray sea.