I couldn't resist. The idea was too good to pass up! So this is dedicated to Frank, Anouk, Trinity, Pierce, and Chewbacca. I would not have come up with this whole thing if it weren't for them. Thanks guys! Oh, and I don't own Star Wars. Duh.

Summary: "Have you seen a dog run by here?" I asked. "No," the girl answered. She was giving me a strange look. So I was dressed up as Han Solo, was that so weird? I sighed. "Well if you do, could you please call it and take it back over there to my house?" "Sure, what's the dog's name?" "Chewbacca." "…Of course it is."

may the force be with you
chapter one - the force

"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." – Obi-wan Kenobi

Ding dong.

"Trin, get the door!"

Footsteps sounded as Trinity ran to the front door and thrust it open. More party guests were arriving every minute, dozens of three year olds and their parents parading through our house.

For a preschooler, Pierce sure is popular, I thought.

It was my little brother's third birthday party, and, as always, it was Star Wars themed. My mom was dressed up as Queen Amidala and my dad was the perfect Darth Vader, while Trin was Princess Leia and Pierce was Luke. I, of course, was Han Solo. Our dog, Chewbacca, ran around the house greeting guests as my dad took presents to the table.

In short, it was your average gathering at the Davis home. Epic music from the movies was blaring, Trinity was bouncing off the walls in excitement, and Pierce was showing off his light saber skills for all his little friends.

I was chatting up one of the parents when my dad told me I had a call. I sighed, knowing who it was from, and walked into the kitchen. I took the phone from my mom reluctantly. She made a face at me, the one that meant 'just be nice'. I frowned and held the phone up to my ear.


"Hey babe, want to go out for ice cream? We got a new flavor in today, and lots of couples have been buying it. It's called Chocolate Love, and it's in honor of Valentines coming up. It's rich chocolate and strawberry swirl; we could share some!"

I cringed. Of course she would call me. She always does.

"Sorry Adrienne, I'm busy," I told her. And I wasn't lying that time, either.

"Aww. But sweetieeee," she drawled out the word. I gagged on my own saliva. "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! I mean don't you want to hang out with me?" I could just imagine her big brown eyes batting their eyelashes at me. It made me sick to my stomach.

"No, Adrienne. I. Am. Not. Your. Boyfriend. So please, stop calling me and asking me out, because I'm not interested," I said for what felt like the thousandth time.

She pouted and muttered, "Fine", and then I heard the 'click' of her hanging up.

Sighing, I put the phone back on the dock, and started towards the living room to watch Pierce open presents. My mom followed after me with a worried expression; clearly she had been listening in on the conversation I just had.

"Was that that Thenos girl again?" she asked.

'That Thenos girl', or Adrienne, was obsessed….with me. I guess I should have been flattered, but I wasn't. She was creepy. She was always following me around at school, sending me love notes, and worshiping the ground I walked on. She wouldn't leave me alone, and it got tiresome. And the fact that her family owned the only ice cream parlor in town, Thenos Dairy, made it even worse, because any time I wanted ice cream, I'd have to go into the city to get it. I never understood why exactly she chose me, either. I wasn't all that spectacular. But neither was she, so I guess it evened out.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Why won't you give her a chance?"

"Mom," I said, frustrated. We'd gone over this before. "She's a lunatic."

"But her parents are so sweet," she argued. "I just don't understand why you won't even accept her offers of free ice cream."

"She's probably drugged them up with some kind of freaky love potion," I said.

My mom gave me that look of disapproval, but dismissed it and walked over to talk to my dad and one of the neighbors. I was on my way over to the kids to try and wrangle them up for a game of Pin the Tail on the Jar Jar Binks, but something distracted me.

The front door was open, and Chewbacca had noticed.

"Trinity!" I shouted, lunging for the door to try and grab the dog's tail before she escaped. Too late, Trin turned around and gasped, noticing that the dog had just run out of the house and into the streets. She apologized about a thousand times as she helped me up from my awkward position on the floor.

Completely forgetting about my current attire, I bolted out the door and began calling for Chewbacca. I must've run through the neighborhood a hundred times, but I didn't see her. Desperate, I began to knock on people's doors, asking them if they'd seen a small beagle dog running about.

The first few houses I went to, nobody answered. Or if they did, they'd take one look at me and close the door in my face. I was having a hard time figuring out why nobody wanted to help when I got to the seventh house. This time, a girl about my age answered. And a cute girl, too, I noted.

"Have you seen a dog run by here?" I asked.

"No," the girl answered.

She was giving me a strange look, her eyes traveling up and down, as if she was examining my outfit. And then, I realized, she was. I looked down at myself and remembered what I was wearing.

Well that would explain everyone's reactions, I thought. I mean I do have a fake gun in my pocket.

I laughed a nervous laugh; feeling embarrassed, but then let it go. So I was wearing a Han Solo costume, was that so weird? I sighed.

"Well if you do, could you please call it and take it back over there to my house?" I asked her, pointing in the direction of where I lived so she could see. She followed my gaze and nodded.

"Sure, what's the dog's name?" she asked.

"Chewbacca," I said.

"….of course it is."

We stared at each other for a few moments as I thought of what to say next. But right as I was about to ask what was so wrong about naming your dog Chewbacca, she broke the silence.

"And what's your name? Han Solo?" she asked.

"No, but you're close," I said. "It's Harrison. Harrison Davis."

She stared. "Are you serious? What, do you have siblings named Luke and Leia? And I suppose you've got a cat named C3P0 as well," she mocked.

"No," I said. "My siblings are Trinity and Pierce. And we don't have a cat."

"Trinity. Okay. Like from the Matrix."


"And Pierce?"

"Brosnan. James Bond," I explained.

She laughed, and I suddenly felt very defensive. So what if my dad had a thing for movies? I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, Harrison Ford is bad ass. Who wouldn't want to be named after him?

"Alright," I said. "Laugh it up all you want. I bet you're just jealous because your name is all boring and stuff."

"You caught me; I hate my name."

"…well what is it?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Because I told you mine. And you laughed at it. So I deserve to know."

"You have a point," she said. And then, "It's Abigail."

"Abigail," I said thoughtfully. That was actually one of my favorite names. I used to have a crush on a girl named Abigail in the third grade. "That's a nice name; it's not boring. Got a last name to go with that?"

Abigail looked at me, amused. "Yes, but don't you have a furry dog to go find?" she asked.

I had completely forgotten about Chewbacca. "Oh yeah! Right. See you around, Miss Abby, and may the force be with you," I said, waving as I jumped down her front steps.

She laughed again and said, "Right back at you, Han Solo."

It took me an hour after that to find Chewbacca, and another ten minutes to catch her and bring her back home. By the time I had her captured and home safe, the party was in full swing. Half the kids were watching the Empire Strikes Back, and the other half were running around the house having light saber fights. I made my way to the laundry room, dodging battling children on the way, to stick Chewie in her cage.

I ran into my mom in the halls and she asked me where I had gone. I looked at her skeptically; I thought Trin would've told her that I was chasing the dog around the whole freaking town. I explained to her where I was, asking how she had not noticed that Chewbacca had disappeared, and all she did was shrug. I rolled my eyes at her and started making my way to my room for a rest, but my dad stopped me.

"Harrison, where are you going?" he asked.

"To my room…I have some homework I need to get done," I said. That was a lie. I mean I did have a project, but it wasn't due until a week later. I really wanted to go up to my room so I could peek out the window and see if Abigail's house was visible from it. Yeah, so that sounds really creepy. Shut up. It's not what you think.

"Oh no no no. The party's not over yet! You need to teach all the kids how to speak Wookie. They've been looking forward to it."

I groaned. It was the same every year. You'd think all of Pierce's friends would have memorized the stupid language by now. I mean it's not like there's really defined words anyway. It's just a bunch of obnoxious noises.

"Aww, Dad. Come on. I have a project to do," I complained.

"Well too bad. You're going to teach those kids how to speak like Wookies whether you like it or not. Now get in there," he said, almost menacingly. I knew he was only joking though; my dad was never too harsh on us kids. This was sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad one. Right then, it was sort of both.

I sighed in submission and went to teach Pierce and his friends the language that my dad had forcibly made me learn when I was four. I think my father noticed how much of a bad time I was having, because I kept messing up certain phrases that he knew I had memorized (it's a sad yet true fact). But that was only because I was thinking of Abigail the whole time; although I wasn't sure why. There was just something about her that drew me in. I knew I wanted to see her again, and this time I wouldn't be wearing a ridiculous outfit.

"Son," my dad said from behind me, his hands on my shoulders. "I'll take over. I can tell your mind is elsewhere," he finished.

I smiled. "Thanks Dad," I said. I then said happy birthday to Pierce one more time and ran up the stairs to my room.

From my window was the most amazing view of the neighborhood. You could see the rooftops of houses, the hill tops behind them, and the beautiful valley in the distance. I had had to fight Trinity to get this room when we'd moved in two years previously. And by fight, I mean arm wrestle. Yes, I arm wrestled a four year old for custody of a room. I wasn't going to let her win; I wanted the room with the big window! So I had gently let her down and claimed the best room in the house, much to Trin's dismay.

Now, I searched the houses in my view to see if Abigail's was among them. I wasn't sure what her house looked like, exactly, but I thought that maybe I'd recognize it if I saw it. That's how things normally went with me, after all. I may have forgotten what something looked like, but the moment I saw it again, I knew exactly what it is and where I'd seen it before. Except that wasn't the case with Abigail. I was sure I'd never seen her before. But that was weird, because she was around my age and nobody new had moved into our neighborhood in at least two years. I hadn't ever seen her around school, either.

I racked my brain, trying to think of reasons why Abigail would go to a different school than me when we lived right next to each other, but could think of nothing, so I went back to trying to find her house. I must've stared out the window for ages trying to find it, but my memory had decided to be horrible that evening.

I was about to give up and actually start some homework when I saw her. She was checking the mail, which was strange since it was a Sunday. Maybe she forgot to check it yesterday, I thought. I watched her as she grabbed a few pieces of paper out of her family's mail box and made her way up the steps to her house. So I could see it from my window! I smiled and studied her house, making sure to memorize what it looked like so I could find it again.

Feeling satisfied and somewhat stalker-ish, I decided it was time to retire for the night, even if it was only 7:30. I took one last look at her house for good measure, and noticed that what must've been her bedroom light was on. I blushed when I realized that I could see her moving around in her room. She was talking to someone else that I couldn't see, and it looked like she was angry. She made her way to the other side of the room, and was about to turn off the lights, but then she turned and stared straight at me.

At first I just stared back, not really comprehending the weird look she was giving me. But then I realized that I'd been caught in the act of peeping, and hastily closed my curtains in embarrassment.

I thought I'd gone through enough that day, and so I went to sleep. That night I dreamt about the pretty girl who had made fun of my name, and how I was sure we would be seeing each other again soon.

There you have it. (: I hope everyone liked it, I know it's not spectacular but I enjoyed writing it. I hope to write a lot more of Harrison and Abigail soon, I like them. Please let me know what you thought! I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!