Thousand candles lit in prayer, burning brightly, melting wicks

A hundred letters on butterfly's wings; fluttering in a shaft of sunlight

Colorful balloons floating high up the blue horizon, up to the golden gates of heaven

Carrying a hope, a dream, a wish…

I wish for love everlasting

Not a rose that withers and slowly dies away

Survives against the solemn dictates of time and the passing of eternity

For true love has no real ending.

I wish for life satisfying

Though thorns and mountains get in my way

That as I fall, stand I still did

Deem it ephemeral, see it complete.

I wish to see the beauty, the magnificent miracle wrought

Of nature and its million special gifts

Dewy leaves, scented petals, wispy skies, blooming flowers

Simple things, yet so endearing

Ears to hear every tiny little sound, compensate for my lack

Feel rage and anger, joy and happiness; emotion to assure me I am living

Blessings escried in a deep pool of sorrow, a lake with no reflections

All those blank pages, clothed in opulence…

Ripples on the water's clear surface.