As the production was reaching the intermission he decided to leave early. There was no point in waiting for a majority of the time in line for his food. He had been to this park before and decided to take a side route on the map that he hadn't gotten a chance to use yet. It took him by a little pond.

As he was passing the area he smelt something really good. He followed the smell to what looked like an open clearing of some sort. He looked around, trying to find the source of that wonderful aroma. He thought he spotted the source in about the middle of the clearing. In the middle was some kind of petal-less flower. He walked over to it, taking care to not step too close to it or harm the roots.

He bent down to smell it.

Yeah, this was the source of that delicious smell. He straightened up and started to walk back towards the food stands, only to bump into something. He felt in front of him, surprised when his hand came upon a smooth texture. He tried going another way, but ended up bumping into the wall thing again. He started panicking and yelling, pounding on the wall.

He felt something yank at his ankle, pulling him away from the wall. He looked down to see a stamen from the flower wrapped around his ankle. He shook his leg trying to get it off, but it only pulled tighter, drawing him closer to the center.

He freaked when he saw the other stamen starting to move as well.

He tried to drag himself away, but the stamen suddenly shot forward and latched onto his limbs. He started freaking out, screaming and yelling, but that only got him a stamen up the mouth. He thrashed about and bit down on the stamen to no avail. They wouldn't loosen up, or let him go. In fact they did the opposite. The more he struggled the tighter they got, winding up his arms and legs slowly.

He could feel them slowly making their way up his pants, and for some reason they were getting slippery the further up they went. It was freaking him out that he would soon have no movement options.

Then, the other stamen started to become active as well and started to slither over to where he was. One made its way up his body and circled itself around his waist, only to slide up his shirt. When the stamen on his arms stopped moving, and just held him still he started to not panic as much, but it didn't help when the stamen up his pants kept going. He looked down and saw that his pants were starting to get thinner where the stamens were moving underneath them.

He felt the stamen that was wrapped around his waist slowly making its way up his chest. His stomach was already slick with its secretions. The stamen up his pants had finally reached his crotch and had started moving around. That was when he realized that he had an erection. He was both shocked and disgusted by that fact, but quickly forgot it as the two stamen started rubbing against it.

He moaned at the feeling and tried to buck into the stamen. Of course he didn't get too far because he was restrained, but he was rewarded with more pressure on his erection.

The stamen in his mouth started moving, it seemed to be withdrawing, but he was more surprised when it just plunged straight back into his mouth, hitting the back of his throat and gagging him. When that happened it paused for a moment, and then continued a forwards and backwards movement more slowly.

Suddenly there was cold air around his erection. He looked down and saw that his pants had been dissolved enough that they and his briefs had fallen off. He moaned into the stamen in his mouth as another stamen wrapped around his erection, pumping it. Already there was pre-cum dribbling down his shaft.

The stamen in his mouth did a weird spasm thing, and his mouth was filled with a kind of fluid. It tasted sweet, and most of it went down his throat before he started having a coughing fit. The stamen pulled out of his mouth and suddenly he felt really weak. His legs wobbled and he lost all of his support as his legs collapsed. He was still held up by the stamen around his arms, chest, and legs.

He slumped forward as he started heating up. Every single movement of the stamen started causing him pleasure; he was becoming a lump of goopy guy. He saw the pistil starting to elongate as well through his half lidded eyes. He vaguely wondered what it was going to do. He felt something probe his hole. It was one of the stamen, circling the entrance, trying to get it slick enough to enter without major problems.

He felt it starting to push in and out of his entrance slightly as the stamen on his chest found his nipples. He jerked and gasped as a nipple was tweaked. It seemed to realize the reaction this caused and kept up with it. He felt all of his heat pooling in his lower region as he realized he was about to cum. Just as he was about to have his release the stamen wrapped around his erection squeezed on his base tightly, preventing release as he came.

He groaned as his body wasn't allowed to come. He tried to jerk his hips, to get some reprieve, but it was useless. The stamen had him tightly.

There was a giant thrust and the stamen that had only been probing his entrance before was suddenly fully sheathed inside of him. He could feel the head poking away inside of him, before it retreated and then thrust in again. Luckily he was slick enough inside that there was very little discomfort as he was continually pounded into. The stamen adjusted its angle a bit and he screamed as he tried to come again.

His prostrate had been hit directly, and the stamen started aiming directly for it each time, trying to elicit the same reaction out of its prey. It succeeded, he was so out of it that he was just laying there, letting the flower do whatever it wanted to him. He felt all of the stamen pause for a moment as the one around his erection let go of its hold on him.

He opened his eyes to look down to see the pistil of the flower starting to lower itself onto his erection. His body arched of its own accord as it latched onto his erection and slid all the way down, enclosing his erection in intense heat and pleasure. He felt it starting to start sucking on his erection and then releasing.

That was when all the rest of the stamen continued what they had been previously doing. He screamed as he tried to cum again, but was prevented by the pistil. He started to leak tears as his release was prevented multiple times and was starting to hurt. He felt something probing at the tip of his erection, fingering the slit there. As the pistil kept up its pumping the thing was slowly sliding into his urethra.

The stamen inside of him released and he was filled with the hot fluid that now covered his every inch. Another took its place at his entrance and started thrusting in him as well. This one didn't take as long as the other to reach completion and released its seed quite quickly. That was when he noticed the giant stamen slowly wrapping its way up his thigh. This thing was three times as big as the others with a huge head, and bumps covering its entire length.

He had a feeling that this thing was what was going inside him next and he could almost barely wait to be filled by that giant length.

When it got to his entrance it tried to slide in unaided, but its head was slightly too big to go in by itself. That was when his entire body was lifted up slightly by all of the stamen, and dropped down onto the things giant head. When it had entered him successfully the bumps on its head started to swell up, making it impossible for the thing to come out on its own. It pulled back to his entrance without dislodging itself and then its entire length coiled and thrust into him harshly, hitting his prostrate right on the dot.

It kept up its harsh ministrations until he was almost unconscious from the pain of not being able to release and the pleasure he was receiving from all the different points on his body. The pistil on his erection then gave a mighty squeeze and let go. He came violently, his cum flying everywhere in the area where he was stuck. His whole body was covered in his own milky white substance.

The stamen inside him let loose. Inside of him was filled to the brim, the stamen's cum pouring out of his hole as it was slowly removed from his insides. Slowly all of the stamen put him on the ground and retreated. He faded into oblivion as his body tried to recover.