Pen. Pen. Pen. I needed a working blue pen. Alas, my shitty little office, in my shitty little cubicle, was void of a working biro. My hand searched vigorously in the last draw in my desk, rifling through papers and stationary supplies. Finally, giving up in a huff, I slammed the draw shut and fell back in my chair. The feeble plastic chair screeched in defiance. It was only a quarter past one in the afternoon, I figured now was a good time as any to give up and pretend I was working.

I was well into a game of pinball on my computer, my face scrunched up and I expertly bit my tongue, making sure to poke out the tip, proving how truly engrossed I was.

"Got me those reports yet, Sermon?" Barked a familiar voice. I jumped right out of my seat, squealing and fumbling with the key board – looking desperately for the escape button, to hide any evidence- until I realised I was being laughed at. I turned to look where the voice came from and growled, rolling my eyes.

"Jeez, Aggie, did I startle you?" Wesley smirked, sliding into the cubicle to stand behind me.

"What do you want, Wesley?" I asked, trying my best to ignore him and act like I was working. I was all too aware of him though. The photograph of my parents beside my screen held his reflection; I watched as he grinned at my coldness.

He shrugged his broad shoulders, cloaked in a suit he no doubt bought on sale, for it was expensive looking, and too out of reach for someone on our salary. "Oh, you know? A conversation, some light banter, mild flirtation."

Typing a few words I answered, "You'll find none of that here, now go. I have work to do."

He relaxed into the filing cabinet behind him, crossing his arms and scoffing. "Yeah, you looked really busy."

"I was taking a break." I mumbled.

"That's what lunch is for." He said. "You aren't doing anything worth while so why can't you just talk to me?"

For once he sounded genuine, and for that I had to turn around to see his face to be certain. For a split second he wasn't his usual jackass of a self but once that split second passed he was back, arrogant smile and everything.

"I'm not in the mood for talking." I said, turning back around.

Warm hands travelled up my arms from behind me. Wesley chuckled softly in my ears. "I can think of something else we can do..." He murmerred, breathing his hot breath on my neck.

I shrugged his arms off me, craning my neck to glare directly into his deep brown eyes.

"Kidding." He said, lifting his arms in a feigned surrender.

I laughed a bitter snort. Everything was a big joke to him.

"God, Aggie, why are you so tense all the time? Just loosen up a little bit." His heavy hands dropped onto my shoulders. His thick fingers dug into my muscles, massaging them. I bit back a moan, I didn't know how tight I really was before then. Despite the fact that Wesley was a womanizing ass, with despicable manners and a crude joke for every occasion, he had magical hands and knew just how to use them.

I snapped out of the bliss, though, as someone walked past us, clearing their throat. With wide eyes I batted away Wesleys hands.

At that moment, as I seethed and Wesley tried to suppress his amusement, Denise, a fellow cubicle inhabitor, sidled up to my desk.

"Am I interupting something?" She asked, eyes scrutinizing the scene afoot her. I scowled, while Wesley leant back casually on my filing cabinet again.

"No." I said.

"Okay..." She said, a little hesitant. "A few of the girls and I are going out for drinks tonight, you in Aggie?" She clarified, making sure as not to invite certain other members of the staff, mainly Wesley. The boy had a reputation, most of the women in the office tried avoiding him; in fear of a broken heart.

"Actually," I started, looking back warily at Wesley. I didn't want to go out at all. Drinks with the girls almost always ends with me holding back someones hair while they puke and whinge about their exboyfriend; not exactly what I call fun. But I didn't want to fuel Wesley's obsession for teasing me about having no social life. "I think I might stay in tonight. I'm really beat. I'll probably turn in early." I said, slowly. I really was tired though.

"Suit yourself." She shrugged.

"What, you're not going to invite me?" Wesley asked, pouting.

"Sorry," Denise began, her painted red lips twitching in delight. "Just us girls."

"Oh, I don't mind. I'm in need of a bit of fun, seems like I hardly get any these days." He said, eyebrows bouncing suggestively.

I hurrumphed. Denise sniggered. "Maybe next time, Wes." She said, waving goodbye and leaving down the hall.

Sorry for any mistakes. I can't sleep and I don't have any of my other work here so I'm making something up, obviously. It's currently one thirty in the morning here and I have work at eight am but oh well. This might have two chapters, possibly three. I halfway through with the second so yeah... have to wait and see I suppose. Reviews would be nice : )