Freshly baked bread was placed on the table, snapping me out of my thoughts. I smiled politely at the waiter and stared at the empty seat across from me. My date, Christian his name was, had excused himself to take a call. I should have, but I didn't mind. It gave me time to think.

This was mine and Christians third date. He was a successful lawyer, had a beautiful face and body and was completely charming. His baby blue eyes were awe worthy and I thought I was starting to like him. I met him at a local coffee shop on my way to work, he kindly walked me to the building and we made small talk along the way.

He was amazing, every womans dream. Yet, every time I looked at him I could only think one thing, he was no Wesley. I wasn't as naive as some would make me to be. I knew fairly well that I had fallen for Wesley Parks. I knew that I was hardly going to accept it, at least not willingly.

Christian took his seat ahead of me, smiling. "Sorry about that." He apologised. "Now," He said, taking my hand in his, atop the table. "Where were we?"

I smiled back and we broke into a conversation on music. Later on in the date, Christian brought up a subject I knew was inevitable but I was hoping to avoid.

"I know I shouldn't ask, and feel free not to answer but I wanted to know about your past relationships." He said, seemingly ashamed. "These things seem to come back to bite me, or at least they have in the past."

I wasn't sure how to answer, without sounding like a common whore. "I haven't had anything serious, ever." I started, wording was crucial. "And my last was a mere three months."

Christian nodded, looking relieved. He was doing everything right. He said the right things, he took me to beautiful restaurants, he called when he said he would and sent flowers on the day he found out I was sick. I hated myself for not feeling anything towards him. I bid him farewell with a kiss on the cheek and went inside. I would have to talk to him the next day.

I noticed how early it was, when I slumped onto my couch. I hadn't changed out of my clothes from the date but I did rid myself of my shoes and jacket, slipping on a pair of ugg boots.

The overwhelming desire to cry and sob flooded me and I soon felt tears of misery fall down my face. It had been so long since I cried, so I let it all out. In the midst of my meltdown I decided to pin the blame.

I snatched up my phone and dialled, waiting for him to answer.

"Hello?" Wesley answered. I ignored the sudden butterflies in my stomach.

I didn't answer right away, another sob left my quivering lips.

"Hello?" He asked again, probably weirded out.

"This is all your fault." I said, taking a deep breath to calm myself.

The line was quiet for a moment, and I thought he had hung up. "Aggie?" He eventually asked.

"Yes it's me." I snapped, wiping a tear from my eye.

"Are you okay?" he asked, sounding concerned.

I was glaring now. "No, I am not okay. And it's all your fault."

He sighed. "Look, Aggie-"He started.

"No, you look, Wesley." I snapped. "I don't want to talk to you ever again, do you hear me." I hung up before he could reply. Great, I thought, now I had thoroughly humiliated myself and would have to quit my job.

I was still curled up on my couch, with tears staining my cheeks when my door was knocked on. I shuffled over and opened it, too drained to have an appropriate reaction to Wesley standing on the other side at ten o'clock at night.

I walked away and stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. He closed the door after stepping in. Wesley tried walking over to me but I stopped him, holding up a hand.

"I hate you." I said, tears once again filling my eyes. He frowned, nodding. "You don't take anything seriously. You flirt with every girl in sight. You can't take criticism. We have nothing in common. We can't agree on anything, we argue constantly." I sniffed. "but I would rather spend the next fifty years fighting with you more than anything else."

"What?" He asked, breathless. As droplets fell from mine, his eyes looked to fill with hope.

I swallowed, pushing down the large lump in my throat. "I love you." I said, not meeting his eye.

He laughed. I lifted my head curiously, here I was confessing my feelings, blubbering like a true girl and he was laughing at me. I didn't know whether to cry harder or get angry.

I looked down again, this time more pissed off then anything. Warm hands cradled my face lifting it. He was still laughing lightly. He stopped though, sighing, and looked deeply into my eyes, tracing his thumb over my skin. "I promise we won't fight all the time." He whispered, smiling adoringly.

I scoffed, rolling my eyes, he kissed me. I didn't fight him; Instead I smiled into the kiss, letting my arms dangle uselessly to my side.

When we pulled apart he said, "Come on." And led me to what I thought would be the bedroom. He stopped near the hallway and turned to face me. I kissed him hard, running my hands over his chest and started undoing his shirt buttons. He pushed me away, chuckling.

"We have plenty of time for that later." He said, picking up the jacket I had lazily thrown on the arm chair closest to the hall. He held it out for me and I put it on.

I furrowed my brows. Usually, we'd go straight to the bedroom. Wesley caught on to my confusion. He shrugged, holding out his hand. "Let's just go for a walk ." I nodded, slipping my hand into his.

One of my simpler endings. I had another one where Aggie blew a fit when Wes came over but I like this one better. I kind of get the feeling she's over everything and just willing to accept love now. Anyways, I hope some of you enjoyed it. I actually loved writing this. I like the diversity, making the readers love and hate Aggie at different times. Thanks for reading guys !! : )