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I think i got a little carried away here, so if you're very, very good at picturing things in your head as you read...and are a bit squeamish...i apologize XD.

Kayla fell onto her bed and wrapped her arms around her pillow with a content sigh; she was finally away from Damon, away from him and his creepy aura which had somehow exhausted her. It probably sucked the life out of meI may need a protection charm. She pondered with a small frown; she had always been a little superstitious but had never gone as far as buying charms - not even when she had the torrent of nightmare visions which had then kept her from sleeping for a week.

"That vision today…" She rolled onto her back and stared up at the pale ceiling. She'd had visions during the day before, they weren't uncommon, but the fact that it was someone she knew…that had never happened before.

Not since her Mother's death.

She closed her eyes and held back the tears, eventually drifting to sleep. It was the aura in the room which caused her to stir some time later - at first she passed it off as a spirit passing through until she felt cold hands on her wrists.

"Time to wake up, Kayla." Her eyes snapped open and met light red; her breath caught in her throat as she studied the messy black hair, slightly pointed ears, long jaw line and thin lips. His hands were like ice on her wrists and he slowly moved them above her head, held them their with one hand and then ran one long fingernail down her jaw line. She shook. Not only did his presence in general scare her…but his aura…she didn't know how to describe it, but it shook her to her core.

"W-Who…are you?"

"Take a guess." He smirked, straddled her and slowly sat up - still managing to keep her wrists pinned with his long arm; he wore a long sleeveless black coat over a tight black sleeveless shirt, black trousers and heavy boots. "Need a hint?" Black wings snapped open and feathers fluttered around the room. Kayla's green eyes grew wide; the aura she couldn't describe…

"The…A-Angel of Death…" She gasped.

"Bingo. You've been a real pain in my ass today." His thin lips curved into a frown. "Twice you've prevented me from taking a life! That's twice too many!" A low growl erupted from the back of his throat and Kayla's eyes swelled with tears.

"I'm sorry…I won't do it again…"

He smirked. "I don't care." He purred and ran his fingers across her stomach. She shuddered. "Oh? Sensitive there?" He did it again, slowly, and a whimper escaped from her along with her tears. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" He leaned over until they were almost nose to nose and licked a tear from her cheek; he paused and pierced her stomach with one of his nails. She let out a short cry. "I'm going to cut you open and rip out your insides with my bare hands." He grinned against her ear.

"W-Why?" She managed to look out of him out of the corner of her teary eyes.

"Because." He growled again and another nail joined the first. "Preventing me from taking two lives puts him ahead!" A third nail, another short cry. "How did you know? How did you know I was going to kill them?"

Kayla whimpered through the pain and a fourth nail followed the third. "V-Visions!" She cried. "I've been having them since I was a kid…" She squeezed her eyes shut and felt her blood pool and run down the sides of her stomach, she could feel his nails prodding her insides. Kayla whimpered again and thought it to be bitterly ironic that the only death she would never have a vision of would be her own; then she remembered that this was what she'd always wanted - the constant visions of death had made her immune to the sadness of her own inevitable end, she didn't fear the thought of dying - and as Death's final nail pressed to her stomach she closed her eyes and relaxed.

Death is inevitableI will not be afraid.

"Hey, this isn't any fun for me if you don't scream." He frowned.

"Just…get it over with…" She sighed and his brow rose.

"That's alright." The corner of his lips pulled into another smirk. "I have enough tricks up my sleeve to make you scream." He chuckled darkly and rammed his thumb nail in with the others; he felt her body jolt as pain shot through her but his smirk fell as a life - her life - flashed before his eyes. Was this one of the powers of hers? He frowned, shook the images from his head and began to push his fingers deeper into her; she grimaced through the pain, felt the blood rush up from her stomach and turned her head to one side to cough it up.

A sinister smile slithered back to Death's face. "Scream for-" His senses suddenly tweaked, He was close…so very close. A bright light engulfed the room for a moment; Death closed his eyes until it faded and glared at his foe, his light red eyes darkening to blood red.

"Leave her." Life commanded in a firm tone but did not raise his voice. He stood majestically in the centre of the room in a long white robe; his long blonde hair fell to the base of his back, his calm aqua eyes were set on Death while his long jaw line remained relaxed despite his anger, his full pink lips fell into a small frown.

"You." Death whipped his hand from Kayla's stomach and the girl let out a short, startled cry. "Why do you come to save the girl personally?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Life tilted his head to the side slightly. "Why do you come to end her personally?"

"That is none of your business! Leave me to it!"

"I can't allow this." Life's eyes darkened. "Leave the girl or I will use force."

Death knelt on the balls of his feet, ready to pounce, when he felt another presence behind Life; he could handle Life on his own…but if one of his followers were with him it would be difficult without back up of his own. "This isn't over!" He growled and disappeared into thin air. At least he knew when he was beaten.

"It never is…" Life sighed and knelt down by Kayla. Her green eyes were half open and glazed over, blood trickled down her chin and she made no attempt to look at him; he gently grabbed one of her hands and lightly traced circles on her palm with his thumb. "You're always too quick to give up on your life…" He continued to rub her palm with one hand while hovering the other just above her wound; a dim light shone from his palm and the wound quickly disappeared. Kayla's eyes closed as the warmth of the healing spread though her body and her breathing steadied. "Sleep tight, Kayla."

"What now?" The figure behind him spoke softly so they wouldn't disturb the sleeping girl.

"Watch over her for me, will you?" Life stood and smiled. "He will try again and I don't want her to be alone."

The figure grinned. "I'll be her best friend."

What a scary nightmare Kayla thought as she sat up in her bed and prodded her stomach. But it felt so real Her lips scrunched up into one corner of her mouth and her green eyes scanned the room. "No blood…no feathers…it was just a nightmare." She sighed and changed into a clean pair of clothes; a simple pair of light blue jeans with doodles on the thigh and a black long sleeved shirt, she was just putting on a pair of thick socks when she heard the door open. Kayla's green eyes darkened and narrowed at the closed bedroom door.

"Anyone home!?" A cheery female voice called. "I'm your new room mate!"

"Room mate?" Kayla blinked, pulled on her sock and opened the door. A tall, long blonde haired girl with toffee coloured eyes grinned at her; she wore a thin white coat, black leggings and pumps, her figure was one all the men would drool over - a perfect hourglass shape - and perfect tanned skin, but what was surprising was the simple make-up, a little blush, smoky grey eye-shadow and light pink lipstick. Kayla studied the outfit once more - she knew she'd seen it somewhere before - and managed a smile. "Hi, I'm Kayla."

"Sasha." The girl beamed and set her small pink suitcase by a tatty brown chair. "You looked surprised to see me, didn't the college tell you I was coming?"

"Erm…" Kayla looked to the pile of letters on the counter and inwardly winced; she usually ignored all post from college - unless it was from the finance department. "Probably…"

The blonde chuckled. "Never mind, I'm here now. What classes do you take?"

"Just English Lit." Kayla raked her fingers through her brown hair and looked away shyly. She'sreally prettyand I bet she probably knows it. "You take…Beauty Therapy, right?"

"The outfit is a give away huh?" Kayla nodded and the tanned girl sighed. "Honestly, you'd think something in B.T would be more…fashionable!" She folded her arms under her chest and Kayla chuckled.

"I think it's all about making the customer feel prettier than her size six Beautician."

"Speaking of customers." Sasha's eyes gleamed mischievously. "I'm going to need a practice model."

Kayla almost turned as pink as Sasha's lipstick. "Me? No, I look stupid in make-up."

"That's fine." Sasha smiled. "I'll just get you while you're sleeping." Kayla's eyes grew wide and the blonde chuckled again. This was going to be a very odd living situation for the brunette.

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