This is Las Vegas

Found our way into a desert city

With a rent-a-car for a carriage,

And plastic coins for currency.

Oh my god, would you look at that!

Look at the sky

And its downpour of stars

Sprinkling the buildings with ungodly light.

Look at the big screens,

And the Lady of (jaded) Liberty

About to be devoured by her MGM rival.

Well, take the glass from the showgirl,

And swallow your champagne.

We'll take a picture with Elvis,


Oh no, no…
Is that a ring in your hand?
I can't be holding this red-red rose.
Oh no, no…
The aisle does not seem so narrow
From where I'm standing.

Hey, sir, could you hurry up?
Sir, there's not a cop in sight
And we're legal enough for solemn vows.
Oh wait, do we need sobriety for this?

Hey, don't call the officer.

I'll walk a perfectly straight line, I swear.
And we'll do this for money (or lack of it)
And (in)security
And childish defiance

Against invisibility.