I put my hand on my head, feeling a bit dizzy with a headache. I blinked a few times trying to clear my blurred visions. As soon as I did thought, I was in a store, it was rather disorganized and I felt a tad warm. I looked down at myself and realized that I was around twenty years old instead of twelve. It somehow made me feel awkward, making myself blink a few more times to make sure I was seeing well. Apparently, I was.

"Mom, mom!" I heard a high pitch voice and felt someone or something pulling my coat so I looked down to find a cute blonde girl around 5 or 6 years old. I smiled.

"Mom, can I buy this?" I shook my head in confusion. The little girl held a barbie doll in her hands, holding it up to me causing me to back away, feeling more terrified. I looked at my hair to make sure that whatever happened, my hair was not suddenly turned blonde and it wasn't. I bumped against some boxes on the side of the room. My eyes wide opened and I just wanted to run.

Next thing I knew was, there was a man pulling me by my shoulder ever so gently, he looked so familiar. Chubby, tall, dark hair and eyes. He had glasses like me.

"Are you ok?"

"Andrew?" I asked, confirming if he really was...that person...

"Uh, yes?" It really was him. And older too. Have I traveled in time and went as far as this? I hoped that this was a dream, my entire life wasted in just a sleep. This looked too clear to be a dream.

"What year is this?" I asked, quite sure that I must have sounded a bit insane and desperate.

That man, Andrew, instead of giving me a real answer, he pointed to a calendar hanging on the wall.

"This is a calendar." Oh gee, thanks dude. Surely wouldn't have figured that out. But now leaving sarcasm aside...I came closer to the calender, it was...weird. Just bizzare to be more specific. It was the 12th day of some month and below the number of days there were drawings. There was a snowman then the second digit from number 2 had a fire creature under it. Sort of like Salamando from a video game I played.

A idea hit me all of a sudden and I just knew that I had to run. Run back in time and back to my childhood. I blinked and I was in a straightforward path snow plain, all snow and there were like 1 or 2 trees a bit forward, so I ran. Running as fast as I could to get my life back.

It felt like hours before Salamando, or well, the fire monster lizard thingamagic with a fire harpoon showed up in front of me.

"It's illegal!" He shouted then pushed me and I was once more from where I began. I kept on running then, trying over and over again. I kept going there countless times and I couldn't even fight it. It kept pushing me back to where I began, it took what felt like hours to get there each time just to be pushed by that annoying fat flame lizard.

Suddenly deciding to trick that creature into thinking that I was of it kind, I went back to that snow town and dressed in red. I went back to the snow plains and went farther than last time, without that creature interrupting me. Take that, bitch! So with that victory, I ran a bit and found myself in a very solitary part of the plain, no trees. It felt so lonely and just a bit further, there was a large pool that felt hot being near it but it didn't even look hot. I got closer but I decided that it would be best to leave it and keep on running.

As soon as I walked pass that funny pool, I found myself at a dead end. There was some sort of gate blocked by carelessly placed plank of woods. Just when processing it all into my mindm the ground began to shake and a gigantic snowman as high as a mountain formed when the pool of hot water rose and its width shrunk. It looked down at me and I...I just helplessly stared.

"Which hand should I use?" He asked me. I didn't say anything, I was too scared to move a muscle and also thinking what did he mean by that question. I figured out that he meant which hand should he use to throw me back. I didn't answer thought but I wanted to. Sadly, the conclusion hit me in the worst time causing the snowman to lose his patience and throw me all the way back to the beginning of the road. I thought of using the Salamando trick but dressing in white so he'll think that I'm some snow woman or something.

It didn't work thought, he rose up again from his liquid state and asked me the same question "Which hand shuold I use?"

I pointed to his right hand and he tried punching me. I quickly dodged the attack and he hit the gate by accident, causing it to open so I quickly ran to that exit.

I opened my eyes...wait...I had them closed? I looked aorund and I was at my house. It turned out that it was really a dream, thank god. I touched my hair and face and looked at my hands to really make sure it was a dream. I was a kid again.

Since it's winter, I sleep in the living room but when I looked under the sofa, there were people and more people on the ground when I looked up again. Then my science teacher appeared out of the blue.

"No kids, nobody is going out."

It hit me...I am in a orphanage...but somehow I wasn't surprise and for some reason, I did not care. I knew everything about it.

Everybody formed a line and I could see that my home that is a school at the same time, had lockers. My original school doesn't use lockers...at least for the normal people.

Everyone were grabbing their stuff but we were still in our PJs. I was left standing there not knowing which locker was mine.

Taking out all that crap just to leave them where they are, they went outside through the backdoor. I just followed them and as soon as I was in my...well, used to be dead yard. I gasped. It was a meadow full of grass, flowers, weeds. There was nothing else in the horizon besides the sky and flowers. No mountains, no cities, not even trees. I felt like I aws trapped in a cage despite my location.

I sat with my friends as if everything was normal which now felt like it and they were picking flowers. Since I had nothing to do, I did too. Picking flowers, lalala. Then a huge spider jumped on my arm. I stood up and ran in circles, trying to get the spider off and doing all of that silently. I wish that I could say wow at myself if it wasn't because more tarantulas jumped out and on me. This was a leaving hell on such a beautiful place.

I looked at my friends. They were still picking flowers, not really noticing that I ran in circles around them with spiders on me. I feel the love...

I shut my eyes, feeling that I was going to die from fear but I had to open them which I did.

I was sitting in the stairs outside of the orphanage, no longer the shape of my house but a tube shaped building made of white bricks. The stairs were like a snake on its pray, circling around the incredibly tall but not at all wide building. I remained sitting there for a moment longer, my face against my hands. It was nightime and I felt so sad and lonely. I wanted to go home and I felt so tired.

Then 2 girls walked past me and they had masks, I looked at them and they turned to look back at me and let their snake tongue roll out and back in swiftly. It really was a snake tongue, long and thin and hissed when they did so, but the perception wasn't mean. It was more like an invitation. I followed them till we were in a basement and there was a party, everyone had a snake tongue and were rolling it out and back in every second.

"Hey there!" A boy who's name is David greeted me with his friends next to him and their snake tongues rolled out "Where's your snake tongue toy?"

"It's a toy? Uh...well I don't have one." I answered. He only laughed with his friends, turned around, and walked away.

I left the party room, I expected to be back outside at the meadow but instead, I was in a mossy cave with large pink flowers. I walked in slowly. It sort of looked like Majora Mask, the deku flowers and the cave in the beginning of the game. Just when that idea came up, I felt like I was playing too many video games.

"AAAAAAAAH!!" Some weird creature popped out of the flower screaming, it was wooden and round, it was wide and its height just reached my knees. It ran past me and outside of the cave. From what it looked like, it was a deku.

The cave was just a big hole with some land for me to stand on. The land that I was on was not too spaceful but it looked like I had more space to walk around than in the other "columns" or tall standing land around here. I took a few step forward, it was dark and I hoped to be able to look further and step on one of the big flowers. I fell in it and struggled to get out but then I was shot out like a cannonball. I screamed but I fell in a nearby column land thing. I stepped on that single flower, understanding how this worked and I was again shot out. This time, I was back in the gruond where I began. I looked around to maybe go somewhere further but the cave was too dark so I wandered and wandered helplessly.

Hours seemed to pass and it felt so agonizing to be trapped and so solitary. I had never felt this lonely ever before. I had learned how the cave is like and I could even make a map of it but the biggest matter of this is that in this map, there's no exit.

Perfect! This is a remake to Endless. Since now I'm gonna draw my dreams on deviantart.

My penname there is zehworstartist if you're interested.

Admit it, my crappy English from when I was 12 has gotten better, has it not?