Title: What Matters Most

Chapter Three: Emotional Vs. Logical

As I started coming back to reality and away from the dream world, I first panicked for a few seconds, before remembering why I was here. I was a runaway bride, and these guys offered me a ride. And I honestly have no idea why I accepted it. I mean, seriously, these guys could have been serial rapists for all I knew. And, I still had that chance of being raped and killed. So with that encouraging thought in mind, I opened my eyes.

"You know, I've never met a girl like you before." I heard Aaron say, who was currently driving, the other guy, Ren, sleeping soundly in the passengers' seat. I quickly started rubbing the sleepies out of my eyes so I could see more clearly, and effectively taking what was left of my make-up with it. "Running away from a marriage, then taking a ride from guys who all you knew could have had some very dirty intentions." He said, smiling way too happily for saying something as somber as that. "You must be rich." My eyes widened at that statement. Then I wrinkled my face in disgust. Assuming I was rich just because I was remotely mental the other night?

"What?" I felt a fire of burning anger ignite inside me. What is with the stupid people I've been dealing with for the past couple of days? First, my dad tried throwing me into a marriage to a guy I didn't even know, telling it was for my best, now this idiot was telling me that the reason I made a stupid decision like accepting the ride they offered was because I was freakin' rich?

Sure, maybe I did have a sheltered life-style, but I wasn't stupid. I at least had common sense.

Although my mind couldn't help but argue that my actions as of late hadn't much proven that point. But still, the fact that I was wealthy had nothing to do with my degree of intelligence.

"So you are rich." I heard Aaron repeat after taking in my clearly disgusted reaction. "Just wanted to know what we're dealing with. So, which daddy is going to chase us down?"

"Go die." I retorted angrily, the emotional side of myself kicking in once again. The logical side of me screamed in my ear, saying that if these people were killers, that the chance of me leaving in one piece, much less alive, was decreasing rapidly with every word I spoke. It felt like my logical and emotional side had declared war on one another, neither able to act in agreement.

I swear I must be PMSing.

"Well, that wouldn't do you much good. I'm the navigator on this trip, me dying would equal you eventually dying, since you have no idea where to go, much less where you're going. Oh, and Ren wouldn't be able to do anything, he's more of a souveneir. All looks." He smiled as he talked, but a sharp undertone was extremely apparent in each word said.

I gulped, my pride taking a blow. I really was dependent on these guys. That thought alone scared me to death. "Well, now that we know where we stand, I can see from that horrified look on your face that now you're thinking we're going to end up being serial rapists or something similar to that now, right?" My stomach wrenched. This guy was seriously starting to freak me out. Were my thoughts always so apparent on my face?

But then he laughed, grinning at me in the mirror. "Don't worry. We're not going to kill, slash rape, slash hurt you in any way." He smiled, trying to alleviate my worries. I can't say it helped. "We're just a couple of guys running away from our responsibilities. We just happened to pick you up along the way. Welcome." He laughed again, but I didn't really buy it. I swear, I must have been delusional the other night if I thought that getting a ride from these guys was honestly okay.

But seriously, I could hear my grandma now, saying, 'leave it to Camryn to find herself in an expensive wedding dress, driving in a car with two complete strangers, heading to who knows where at full speed on the highway.'

And really, leave it to me.

"Yes!" I heard Ren suddenly awaken as we pulled into a parking lot. I myself had taken to watching the scenery, making sure we weren't headed for any empty fields, while Aaron drove. "We're here!" He immediately got out of the car and started to run towards the resturaunt, but then just as quickly he turned around and headed for my door, as if remembering his manners, and opened it quickly. "Come on, we've got to go!" He pulled me out because I wasn't going fast enough for his liking, and I yelped, unable to find my balance, and hit the wet ground with a thud.

So now here I was, laying on the dirty wet pavement in my white wedding dress. It was already dirty at the bottom because of my walking for four hours, but now no doubt it was extremely visible. Perfect. I let out a sigh of frustration as I laid there, Ren staring down at me apologetically. "Are you okay?" He asked, his voice returning to a calm tone. He extended his hand to help me up, which I gratefully took. He must have really been excited or something to pull me out as forcefully as he did. I instantly looked down at my dress, and just as I suspected, it looked like my wedding dress had hit the mud running, which, in fact, was not too far off. "Juusst peachy." I said, the ridiculousness of the whole situation becoming too much for me to bear.

Now it was just plain hilarious.

"In fact, so peachy that if I got any peachier than this, I'd probably die of peach poisoning." I said, and that's when the laughter started bubbling up. Ren and the newly appeared Aaron who came around to see what the problem was, they both stared at me as if I was insane, and I couldn't help but wonder if they could possibly be right. "Are you alright..?" Aaron started coming closer, but I held out my hand, the other clutching my stomach in uncontrollable laughter. Then I started to hear Ren in the background, it started with a slow grin, then chuckles, then he joined me in my insane laughing fit.

Aaron only stared. "I'm don't know you people." He muttered, turning on his heel and walking towards the resturaunt I realized we had parked in front of.

I don't know how long we stood out there, laughing our hearts out, but it must have been awhile, because by the time we walked in, my dress was dry and Aaron already had the food waiting for us at the table. "I ordered for you." He muttered as we took our seats in the booth. The resturaunt itself seemed like a small family-style resturaunt, simple and quaint. It was cozy, actually, and the air was thick with the smell of pancakes and maple syrup. In fact, that's what was laying out in front of us, triple orders of regular pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, one for the each of us.

"Oh, k. Thanks." I smiled, before realizing that I wasn't going to be able to pay for this. I bit my lip indecisively as I stared at the food. Aaron seemed to notice my apprehension and waved me off, "I've got the bill. Unlike you, we planned our runaway months ahead of time." He smiled, taking a sip of what I assumed was coffee. "Although acting in the spur of the moment must have felt awesome." He smiled, leaning back on the seat. Ren, who was sitting next to him, already started devouring his food. He seemed to not care for our conversation, because he didn't say anything.

"Well, I guess." I said, reliving the moment where I was running from the building and literally felt so weightless despite my heavy dress, like I had not a care in the world. "So, why did you guys run away?" I asked, cupping the warm coffee Aaron had taken the liberty to order me in my hands. I wasn't much of a coffee drinker, but I think I could make an exception this time. "Well, why does anyone run away?" He smiled knowingly. "For freedom." He said, running his fingers through his dirty blonde hair, his almond-shaped green eyes wrinkled at the sides from his squinting to read something that was on the opposite side of the room, if only for a distraction. His face was round, but had different sharp points throughout it, like on his cheekbones and on his jaw line. He was wearing a plain black shirt with dark green cargos, chains hanging from the side. He was wearing a couple of black and green wristbands, too.

Ren was a whole 'nother person in his entirety. His face was framed by sideswept black hair, and had narrow dark eyes that looked like it had eyeliner around it, but on closer inspection, I realized that it was just the thickness and length of his eyelashes. He had an angular jaw, with remotely high cheekbones. Ren was wearing a black shirt that had the name of a band I didn't recognize, My Distraction, or whatever. He had on baggy faded black jeans with chains that hung off of it. He also had a far more delicate silver chain necklace around his neck, but with nothing on it. He probably looked awesome in a tuxedo, I realized, and Aaron probably would look awesome in a polo. Even though that seemed to be far from their regular choice of clothes.

I still didn't trust them, but for now, I was dependent on them. At least until I could figure out a second option. I couldn't go to a friends' house, no doubt they'd been placed on the 'watch list' my father no doubt has set up.

But then, as I was raising the fork full of pancakes to my mouth and pondering this, I had the most brilliant idea in the world. I knew where I could go. I knew who wouldn't rat me out, and who wouldn't be placed on the 'watch list'.

Grandma Rosa.

A/N -- Woo! I want to give a thanks to all you commenters. x) Especially for your helpful advice, I realized that her going into a strangers' car willingly was reallllly not a smart thing, and appeared kinda OCC, so I developed a reason for it! (sort of) Haha, who knows what'll happen when I re-write it? As far as I'm concerned, this is pretty much first draft, and as NaNoWriMo's taught me, just keep going and don't expect perfection! So I thank you guys again for your support, and I hope you love this as much as I love writing it. x)