I realize that I have already uploaded this story, but it was before I revised it. I added a lot to it and I am handing it in for an English project. I would really LOVE to hear everyone's opinions because I want to make it the best I can. :D. I kept the other version on here because I still love the other version, but it was too short.


Tree Love: Revised

Everything in nature is lyrical in its ideal essence, tragic in its fate, and comic in its existence. - George Santayana

Humans fall in love all the time. Every day someone is falling in love with someone else. Marriages happen, proposals take place. Humans have the capability of love. Yes, there are some restrictions on their love. Sometimes it's their parents. Sometimes it is the social class that limits two people from being together. Sometimes society renders a couple to be wrong or improper. But besides these foolish obstacles, people still find love every day.

But why should humans have the limit? Why can't dogs fall in love? There are copious movies of two dogs falling in love, but does this really happen? Why can't birds fall in love? Why can't flowers fall in love?

Why can't trees fall in love?

The two trees that sat in the middle of central park witnessed many couples through the years. Watching these couples brought both sadness and happiness to their hearts. Walking by, the couples had something they never could. But seeing them smiling made them happy that if not them, two others could be together.

They were the exact same age, which was very rare being that trees have very long life spans. They grew up together, ever since they were the smallest of trees. Their branches were not touching when they were little, but as they got older, their branches grew longer and left less space between the two.

As they grew up, they watched children play in the park. The children would kick soccer balls around and play tag. A few children would use the two trees to play hide-and-seek with each other. Children would play hand games underneath the trees. Families would set up picnics. Although it was surely illegal, children would try to climb the trees. Their parents would ask them to get down for fear of them falling and scraping their knees.

Teenagers would walk past the trees. They would have joyful conversations walking through the park after school was over. Some kids stopped to do their homework on the green bench next to the trees. A few people would play cards under the trees. Some just sat to sketch the park or just relax for a few minutes.

The trees also noticed many adults walk by. Many of the adult couples would walk by, holding hands, or sharing kisses. Many first kisses happened underneath these very two trees. One proposal happened. The woman said yes and they shared their first kiss as fianc├ęs. There were conversations had underneath these trees. Some light, happy ones, some sad, desolate ones. Some people met each other for the first time underneath the trees. They would share their first conversation together.

The two trees longed for what the couples that walked by them had. During wintertime, the couples would keep their gloves off, just to be able to hold hands with no layers in between. While the trees' branches intertwined when they were long enough but, it was never the same as holding hands.

Although envy was coursing through the trees' branches, they loved it when couples would sit beneath them, or walk by them. It was an indescribable feeling, but they felt significantly closer to one another. Yes, these people had what they never could have, but they added to the lovely scenery and made their days so much more wonderful.

They loved watching people flirt mindlessly with one another, it was something that neither one of them could ever have. The little pecks on the cheeks and tickling of the ribs usually were taken for granted by the humans.

Fall was the favorite season for the two trees. Not only were the colors beautiful, but more couples seemed to be walking through the park during this season. But the main reason for fall being their favorite season was because of the leaves. While it was sad that their leaves fell off and were crushed by hundreds of shoes each day, it still warmed their hearts when each of their leaves would touch one another. Sometimes one leaf would fall and a few minutes later one would fall next to it, slightly falling on top of it. It was the closest contact the two got with one another.

Every day people always complain about how terrible love is. Love breaks hearts, love ruins lives. But for these two trees none of that mattered. They simply wanted to be with each other. And while they had that every second of every day, they both still longed for just one day as a human. They wanted to know what it was like to get a peck on the cheek or to hold hands with each other while walking through the park.

These two trees witnessed so much with one another, but they were never able to do any of this themselves. It was not families or parents keeping them apart. It was not social classes keeping them away from one another. It wasn't society telling them that what they were doing was wrong. No, it was simply who they were, and there was nothing they could do about that.

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- Morine