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A/N: I wish I knew where this came from, but I don't. Sometimes it seems that you get lucky: the first line drops into your lap and everything else just follows. I hope you enjoy, and please review if you do!


you are one of those people that
does not need to sleep

you are bright-eyed and beautiful
energetic and enthusiastic
vital and vivid and free

you scorn the chains of drudgery
and curl your lip at routine
for you are sparkling and spontaneous
a firework of a shooting star
luminous and explosive and breathtaking

i am one of those people that
needs to sleep

i am wan and fragile and hesitant
and i stutter in my words
and stumble in my motions

i do not have your spirit
i do not have your grace
but i have one thing you do not

because when i sleep, i dream
and when i dream, i dream of you
in all your exuberant, unabashed, unapologetic

and i taste what it is like to live