Perfume Of Malady

I've been wandering in this perfume of malady my entire life
Because you haven't diagnosed the need to express remorse
For molesting the purity of that small girl who camouflages herself
Within me as the strength of a sword being pulled out from stone

And I'm completely aware that you think I was too young to recall the
Way your tongue dripped with desire as you commanded me onto your
Quivering lap but the screams that tore from my soul continue to echo in
The magma that builds up everytime your disgrace commonly eclipses my mind

And it's then I'm reminded of the reason why I solidify whenever a man offers
His numinous veins for respect to pulse through as the person who should have
Taught me how to trust humanity incapacitated the opportunity for a largess
Woman to dwell in this habitat instead I only know how to annihilate the heart

And even though confessing this explosive accusation to the world will not erase anamnesis
And hardship, I beg for a simple apology which does not include being able to grab my
Shovel to dig under your ground for gold but just the single legitimate word before
The true calamity is not how I lost but that I could have experienced so much future greatness.