Doubts are sliding in and out
Streaking that ever-pale sky
Only tethered by a whim
I hang my heart on my optimism
Trying and denying any resemblance
Paralyzed by indecision
And feeling the poison spreading
Spreading, spreading, spreading
Into the veins of society

How could knowledge fly by you?
How could I fly by the knowledge of that knowledge?
Feeling that sting again as the world spins
And all my ivory dreams begin to crumble
Building a pathway under your feet
Kissed by this nagging history
Find me a flower that can tell me
The eventual truth of this war

Did you know truth before it kissed you
As that mistake kissed me
Damned us both to this indecision
This paralyzing confusion of intent
Oh naivety, I welcome you back
In a dream, where my arms are open
And you would take me back without
A doubt.

Nokia 2; I am scared