Craving a subtle existence within a world
Dictated by creative design and opinion|
Connecting the lines in strings and
Slabs of confusing after-thoughts manifested
Within your hidden desire to express
The fragile feelings that congregate behind your walls
Percolating and circulating through a delicious line-up
Where a true criminal cannot be found to fight the crime
A society where everything lies within the nature of
Ambiguity and questionability of bone structure
And the nature of this type of humanity
Where the first incision creates the deepest rush
That sustains and feeds that demon within you
Committed to nothing but the speed of the whim
And the need to find the right trail in the dark
It's something I can't control with a simpler mind-frame
I say this day will never meet it's night
Maybe you suffer from this liberating desire too
Because we all have the potential to be addicts
And this is my bear-trap.