Chapter 5: I Don't Want to Be

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My dad takes a couple of steps closer to me, his face still tear-streaked. Getting on his knees right in front of me. He lets out a sob, "Oh son, can you ever forgive me?"

I simply stared, absolutely speechless.

He went on, "I have been nothing but a lily-belly chickenshit to you. You never looked like either your mother or I and your powers being magic-based always made me suspect you aren't really my son and that your mother must have cheated on something or me. But instead of confronting that issue like a real man, I acted like a passive-aggressive jerk and treated you as if you didn't exist. Purposely missing your recitals, forgetting your birthday, treating Scotty like a son, and even that time when you were in sixth grade and I was suppose to pick you up, I lied I really did know you were in middle school and not the elementary where I pretended to wait for you. Instead of being an ass back at me, you let it slide and even defended me when Nascar called me out about my behavior…Oh son, you been more of a man than your old man. Can you ever forgive me? No, on second thought I don't deserve you forgiveness."

With that he started brawling like a baby again. I quickly patted his back, "Dad, it's okay. It's okay."

Just than I heard Grandpa snort, "Wimp. To think I thought I had a son when all the time it was really a whiny little girl."

I snapped at him, "Gee, we can't all be heartless assholes, can we?"

Grandpa snarled, "Watch your tongue, boy. You have no right to talk to me like that, especially since you don't even deserve the name of Armstrong."

I didn't even bat an eye, "So, I guess I am a bastard than so we have that much in common."

Than I added, "But for completely different reasons."

He snarled and took a step toward me, "Why you."

Suddenly Dad got up on his feet and turned his head toward his father, "Stay away from my son."

Dad got nose-to-nose to Grandpa, "And for your information, Lance deserves the name of Armstrong more than you. You have done nothing but embarrass our family, old man. I want you to leave right now."

Aunt Madeline just rolled her eyes, "Enough of the macho crap, now let's get back to business. Did you not hear the boy refer himself as a bastard; we obviously aren't giving him the right message."

That was what I always liked about Aunt Madeline; she always cut through all the bullshit and got down to business. She was a normal woman but she aged very well. You know the actress Susan Sullivan who played Kitty Montgomery on the TV show Dharma & Greg, that is who Aunt Madeline is a dead ringer of.

She put her hands on each shoulder and looked me stare in the eye, "Clearly, you aren't getting the right message. First of all, you aren't a bastard nor did Pamela did not have an affair and try to hide it. Instead the truth is more complicated than that. Your parents were married when you were born but the thing is you aren't Pamela and Theo's boy rather you were switched at birth with their biological son. Apparently at the time of your birth, Pamela and Theo's boy was born the same exact time and both of you were exactly three months premature as well both of your mothers had severe trauma during your birth. For those reasons supposedly the hospital somehow sent you home with the wrong set of parents."

She took a deep breath, "Unfortunately your biological mother did not make it."

It took a moment for all of it to sink in, "So, than I am not the child of rape between my mom and some freaky monster?"

Now it was Aunt Madeline's turn to blink, "Excuse me?"

"Oh…my…God," my mother gasp in horror, her hand on mouth, "No, no, oh baby…how could you think such a thing. The truth is…you see, your father and I had trouble conceiving for years and finally I took things into my own hands and well…went to a fertility clinic, behind your father's back. When we realized that your powers were magic-based…well, I thought that the clinic just did a major fuck-up and instead of using your father's sperm, switched it with someone else's…And well, you know how your grandfather is, I decided to keep it to myself. But I never realized that you might think that…oh, honey."

She quickly got up from the couch and wrapped her arms around me. I stood perfectly still. My whole world tilter, ever since Delilah told me what I really was and we both came to the conclusion I must have been a child of rape since typically my kind are spawned that way. I had thought they…my parents…to be heroic to keep me, while they were distant. I had always assumed it was because of the shame that came along with my conception. Now, I find out, it was nothing like that. Instead it was just one big fucking mess caused by the hospital. That my parents were nothing more than passive little…cowards instead of confronting my oddness and trying to figure out what happened. They pussyfooted the subject, made me feel unvalued…loved but in a way that felt out of obligation than truly familial love.



My mother suddenly pulled away from me, in fact everyone with the exception of Madeline took a few steps away from me. Including dear old grandpa.

I didn't need to look at a mirror to know what I looked like. I could feel it; I knew I was sporting my fangs, my nails turn into razor talons, and while my already pale skin with dead white with the exception of black veins standing out, and my eyes were blood red, all retina no cornea or iris. In short, I was sporting my vampire face.

Madeline, with the exception of being slightly paler, stood her ground. Clearing her throat, "Is there anything you would like to tell us, Lance?"

And just like that, the tension I felt left my body and I could feel myself reverting back to myself. "A male vampire is still fertile the first 24 hours of his rebirth, typically the fledgling is out of mind with bloodlust and will attack anything it sees…sometimes the attack becomes…sexual," I said that last part in disgust, "For the most part, the victim rarely survives however…there are cases of survival and conception…such conception leads to the birth of a dhampir. A half-vampire."

Madeline nods, "Since the scenario is that of rape, you assume that Pamela was brutally raped and that was why your family were distance with you because of that. And now you find out that the guilt you bear was misguided. Instead you find out everything you know is quite wrong."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. For a brief moment, I could feel the monster in me raging for blood retribution. Thanks to Madeline however, I was able to get control of myself. Opening my eyes, I nod. "So, what is my real name?"

My father cleared his throat, still awfully pale and keeping his eyes on me, he seems to be measuring every word before saying them, "Well, the boy that is our biological son, he has been going by the name Vladimir Belmont. It seems his maternal grandmother, your biological grandmother, has raised him actually, who recently passed away. While Social Services were searching for relatives they did a DNA test and imagine the surprise of the League, his DNA matched ours. After a little investigating, the League realized what must have happened at the hospital and now he is coming to live with us. We will be welcoming him home come this Friday night."

He and mother both do quick scans of my face to decrypt my reaction. Sadly, they both spent too many years avoiding looking in my eyes that they don't have the ability to read me.

I gave them the best smile I could offer in my state of mind, which is a pretty poor smile, "That sounds lovely. I look forward to meeting my new brother."

Letting out a slightly crazed laugh. I walk up the stairs to my room. No one tries to stop me.


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