It was the middle of the night and I was walking alone. My friends left me at a friend's house and ditched me for their boy toys. I know what you are thinking some friends they are huh. But they are my only friends I have. And I am their source of entertainment when they aren't playing with their toys. So here I am walking through a park when my feet start to really bother me. I sit down on the bench and it was probably the stupidest idea in the whole world. I wasn't drunk but I guess one man thought I was.

"Hey babe." He said walking up to me. I glare at him but he doesn't even shrink at it. He sits next to me and I can smell the alcohol on his clothing and it lingered all around him no matter how strong the wind would blow.

"Sorry but I am not staying long. Excuse me." I said getting up ignoring the pain in my feet that seemed to slowly grow up my legs. Slowly at first there wasn't much. But as it got longer it felt like someone was setting my skin on fire. The more it got the hotter the fire was. He grabbed my arm and I tried to pull away. For a drunken man he was a lot stronger than he looked. I tried to scream and yell for help but I didn't see nor hear anyone. I pushed against the man's chest when he tried to kiss me.

What I didn't know was that there was someone watching. They just weren't human other than to the look. I tried fighting off the man but that didn't work. When I was ready to give up I suddenly saw a black figure standing were I was walking from. He moved fast and within just a few steps was hovering over the other man. He grabbed his shoulder and the attacker looked to him.

The attacker ran like hell was on his feet and it was a new sight so see. I gathered my breath watching the man run off to the woods. When I looked back I saw the man from earlier and he looked down to me with almost glowing eyes.

"Thank you so much." I said bowing my head in a way of saying thank you. I looked back up and he was gone. I looked around but there was no one there. I started off back to my house but I was still on the wrong side of town. I was debating on whether I should call a cab or start walking.

By the time I got to my house I found that it would have been better getting the cab, so my feet weren't hurting so much but that didn't compare to the pain I was feeling through my body. It felt like someone left the heater on to long while leaving my body in the oven. I didn't know what was happening. So I did what was normal. I started a shower, undressed and crawled under it. It slowly made me feel a little better but there was no way of fighting off the heat. It was like it was boiling my blood just to make it was hard for me to breath and even see clearly. My brain was killing me and my muscles were about to go on strike. I fell into the bathtub feeling to week to even move.

When I woke up the water was still running and I couldn't tell if my body and mind were one. I got up struggling the whole way to my bedroom. Slipping into a nightshirt I fell onto my bed at the foot of it and passed out. Not hearing a thing nor seeing what was sitting in my living room waiting for me to finally die.

When I finally woke up one more time I found that I was under my blankets and my body wasn't on fire. I sighed and wondered what day it was. I looked to the clock and saw that it said it was Thursday the 23 of April. I starred at it wondering if I really slept three days away, that made me wake up on my birthday. I then shook my head and sighed. My boss was going to love my explanation on tomorrow. That is when I heard it.

Soft footprints were walking to my bedroom and I could hear them as if I was the wood. I then started to hear some things that I didn't think possible. I heard my neighbors and the people below me. I could hear what was going on into the street and what was on the side of the street and in the building next to me. I looked out the window and started to freak out a little. That is when my door opened and the man that saved me from the park was standing in my doorframe. I looked to him weird and he smiled.

"My name is Mathew Stewart and I was sent to bring you to my master. I believe you got the lucky blue drink three nights ago in the party." He said and I tried to remember what happened that night. How could I forget it was the only virgin drink on that floor. I looked to him weirder when I didn't hear his pulse. If I could hear people from across the street were was his pulse.

"How is my hearing so good and what master?" I asked really lost. My friends leave me and I got stuck with a creep.

"That is left best for my master to explain." He said handed some of my clothing to me. I looked to it weird when I grabbed it he left the room and I saw that I was warring still only my shirt. I got up totally lost and not knowing what to do.

When I got out into my living room he was standing there with a jacket in his arm and what looked like a small bag. He handed it to me and we left my house. I starred at my door before locking it. He said I didn't have to but I wanted to make sure my computer was safe and everything else in my rooms. He put his hand on my shoulder and I felt how cold it was. He shook his head at me like I was thinking of running off and pulled me along gently.

We got into a black car with the windows tinted darkly and I could barely see the lights. But when I concentrated I could see everything. Its little details and I quickly covered up my eyes. When the creepy man asked me what was wrong I yelled.

"I can see shit I never could through these windows and I can hear so much more. It feels like I have lost my mind. What they hell is happening?" I yelled and felt like I was about to cry. But I couldn't. "And I can't even cry!" I yelled once more and he looked worried to me. I pouted in the back seat and kept my eyes covered. I didn't want to see anything but because of that it was like my ears went into over drive to compensate for my sight loss. I then passed out again from the mental over load to quickly. Or what should have been passed out it was more like my body stopped receiving orders from my brain. I wasn't complaining. I couldn't stand to think of anything else but to shut down.

When Mathew shook me I seemed to snap out of it and he told me that we were to his Master's house. I didn't think much and grabbed my bag. When I got out though I stood there gasping. His house was a mansion the size of a town. The mansion was like a damned castle. He pushed me forward a little and I wanted to turn around and yell at him but I saw that the doors were all ready open and what looked like a maid and a butler where waiting there. I looked to him confused and he nodded his head towards the door.

Slowly as if this was all a dream I walked into the house and nearly gasped loudly at how beautiful the place looked. With the new vision, I didn't know I was using, I found all the details. A solid white house with gold trimmings and deep red carpet. (Describe more) I was gently pushed toward a hall way and I looked to find the maid smiling to me. No one said a word so I went to send out my supper hearing ability when I heard papers moving in a room down the hall that I was being gently pushed towards. I wanted to turn around and leave then to just sit there and not think about anything and pretend this was all a dream but before that could happen I was in front of the doors where there was paper moving. It stopped when I stopped dragging my feet on the floor.

The maid knocked three times and he nearly yelled a deep enter and I almost thought I was going to go deaf. I saw the maid grab the door and enter tell him that I was here. He told me to enter and she looked back to me. I moved in carefully not to touch anything for fear I might have to repay it back. And where I was standing money wise I was just barley making rent days. I saw that the room had wooden floors and a deep mahogany furniture. The desk and chairs were full and I saw that not only was there just the Master but there where three other men. I wanted to flee then but the door shut behind me. I looked and found that the walls where either lined with book or pictures or even some paintings. There was a fireplace to my right and I could feel the heat it was giving off from here. But there was only cold coming from the men across the room. I stood frozen like a statue.

"What is your name girl?" Said a man in a chair. He had long white hair and an Armani suit that was to expansive for me to even step near. His eyes were a deep red-purple color and I was suddenly well aware that he was supper pale and looked like he was ready to kill me.

"My name is Victoria Coldwell sir." I said throwing in the sir because they were well more sophisticated than myself.

"How old are you Victoria?" Came another man from the chair farthest from me. He had short cropped black hair and his eyes where a soft yellow color. I suddenly realized that they didn't have colored contacts in and wanted to scream at it. His suit was white and looked like it was almost poor or made for him. The feeling to flee again was suddenly in my stomach and chest. If I had a heart beat still it would be running the longer marathon it could.

"As of today I am 22 sirs." I said again making sure I was still keeping a polite voice. I saw the man from behind the desk look at me like he was thinking on something way to complicated.

"Why do you think you are here?" said the final man in the chairs. He had blond hair that reached his mid shoulder and his eyes where a deep, deep, blue. His suit looked more like what a normal man would ware but he made it look expensive.

"I don't know sir. Mr. Stewart told me something about the party three days ago and something about the only virgin drink there was on that floor." I stated politely. The three of them looked to the man at the table seeming to ask him something but he shook his head and told them to leave. I moved out of the way as they where heading straight towards me to get to the doors behind. I found that when they where gone I felt more tense than before.

"Come Miss. Victoria." He said and his voice sent a shiver down my spine. His voice was deep and held an air about it that screamed he had power. I got a closer look and found that his eyes where a blue that was almost white. They almost looked like my eyes. His face was evenly smoothed out and there wasn't any defect on his skin that I saw. His black hair with hints of blue was down his back but I didn't see how long. His suit was more sophisticated than all three men combined. His eyes held an almost pleading look as I moved to take the seat right in front of him. His eyes fallowed me and I knew that he was thinking of something. I just couldn't figure out what yet.

As I got closer I saw that he had a choker on that looked to be made out of platinum and was completely covered in rubies. I wanted to gasp but it seemed to fit him to well. And I could almost feel some form of power from it. I shook my head gently but he seemed to catch that. I sat down and saw that his ring almost looked the same but had much smaller rubies and there was almost what looked like a crest carved into the center. Or was it formed there.

"My name is Steven Stone. Most around here call me Mr. Stone or Master. You received a drink from a party that I sponsored. Only one person from that party was going to be asked about a position. You where chosen but someone changed the drinks contents. That is my fault for not seeing their intent. Your turning is the result but I find myself at a cross roads." He said and looked down to my hands taking in everything that he had said.

"Turn into what?" I asked looked up to him. His eyes flashed some emotion but I couldn't figure out what.

"For lack of a better term, vampire." He said and my mouth fell open.

"Wait-what?" I said and he almost smirked.

"Well not the reaction I was expecting." He started.

"What do you expect from me? To run around all happy or to scream and run as fast as I can out of here?" I said standing up. When I did I saw his choker glow.

"Well the letter one actually." He said and I stood up. I watched him walked around.

"Okay then why a I not thinking of blood and killing and what not?" I said as he told me to sit back down. He sat on his desk then.

"Some of what you said isn't true. Killing isn't always on our minds. But the hunger should take up most of your thoughts." He said.

"Well then there is something wrong." I stated looking down to my hands.

"Come. You may not be hungry but you should eat something." He said and held out his hand.

"I would rather not." I stated but he suddenly had my wrist and pulled me up to look at him.

"The fact that my gift, which I will tell you about later on, doesn't work on you makes me unnerved enough. I will not have a starved fledgling running around these halls. Now fallow me." He said and I pulled back growling.

"Then maybe you should have thought this a little more through. I am not staying in your halls. I have a job if he hasn't fired me yet and I have friends and an apartment. I have my own life wither I change or not. I am not a child and I wish and demand to not be treated like one. Now I will be taking my leave." I said grabbed my duffle bag and went to head for the doors but I was suddenly thrown back into the chair. I heard him growl and I did the same. I glared at him when he suddenly saw something in my eyes. I didn't know what it was. I didn't know if I even had a damned reflection any more. He seemed to think for a minute before I could even do anything. I was stuck to the chair by some hidden force and I knew it had to do with his glowing choker.

"You will never raise your voice to me. I am now your lord. You may have been brought into this place without knowing the rules but you will learn." He said and tried to force me into understanding. I could feel his power trying to make me surrender but that just made me angrier. So I suddenly found this own force I had and suddenly he went flying across the room. I stood up from the chair and looked down to him.

"I am leaving." I said and left the room. By the time he was up on his feet again I was leaving. There was this furious growl and I knew it was from him. I walked to the front door when suddenly the other three men where right in front of me blocking my way. I growled when I suddenly felt his presence behind me. I turned to glare at him when he walked in front of me.

"Tell them to get out of my way." I growled out and I suddenly felt like I was floating. I was still level with him but my mind was light. The men behind me suddenly fell week. "Or I will do it for you?" I said and he growled. I looked and he told his men to move.

"You can not leave. If you do you will hurt someone that you care for or kill someone that is totally innocent." He said out but his voice held the air of arrogance and death.

"Do you really thing I would have such little control? You find yourself falling to the floor if not for such strong power you have. I am leaving. I will not be coming back. And I will never see any of you again. If I so hear any one near my house that doesn't live there I will not hesitate to hurt them. I will not stand to be belittled by anyone." I said and turned toward the door. I left and saw that some woman was waiting for me outside. The door slammed shut on his face and I looked to her tilting my head.

"Well done my dear. You are the first to finally put him in his rightful place." She said and I saw a similar looking necklace around her neck. Her earrings matched and I growled.

"What do you want?" I said and she smiled up to me lovingly.

"My name is Katherine Stone. I am lady of this land and it seems my son has made you angry. May I inquire as to why?" She asked and I sighed calming down a little to speak without hissing through my teeth.

"He's trying to play with my life. I can take care of myself. Someone slipped past him he says and I was turned without all the knowledge needed. So he ordered me to eat something and I refused." I said out and she still smiled to me and came closer to me. I backed away from her before should could touch me now that she was next to me.

"I must say he went about it the wrong way. You are strong but what he is trying to tell you is that if you drink something your body would feel stronger. Also your mind wouldn't have the fog over its thinking. You would feel much better." She said.

"I feel absolutely fine." I said and she nodded.

"Yes I can feel that coming from you. But if you would humble my worries just a little. I would like for you to stay at my home so that I may teach you. You will one day make some man happy. Some lord I would hope finds an interest in you where you can rule and help him through his troubles." She said.

"If you can promise that he wont order me around then I will try to humble your request." I stated and she nodded her head. She then opened the door and walked to her son. I was about ten steps behind her.

"Son. Come I must speak with you. Go to your office and I will be there in a minute. I must teach Miss. Victoria where she can find the food storage." She said and I saw he wanted to yell at me. But when she touched his cheek he suddenly calmed down. I didn't understand but he fallowed her orders and I walked slowly behind her.

I was lead to this small room but when we went to the other side I saw that it was a kitchen like area. Well it had what would qualify as a kitchen but the fridges where what stood out the most. She walked up to one and pulled out a plastic container that looked stained red.

"I prefer this kind, see what you make of it and we will go there." She said and I looked at her stretched hand. I didn't take what was in her hand and she started to looked at me worried. I suddenly felt very queasy and she took her other hand and touched my cheek. But I didn't feel anything. "Is everything all right Victoria?" She asked and I shook my head no.

"I feel like I am going to be sick just looking at that." I said and she took it away from me. I suddenly felt very week and she caught me before I hit the ground.

"Hey there now. Take deep breaths." She said and sat me down on the counter. "That is something quiet knew. Where you ever sick to the sight or smell of blood." He said and I nodded.

"I would faint on the sight or even the smell of it. It was so hard when I saw friends little cuts and passed out. That is why I don't think I feel hungry. The thought of it turns my stomach." I ground out and she nodded.

"Slowly let's try to take it. First time is going to be the hardest. But you're strong so I think you can do this." She said and I nodded. I breather through my mouth when she pulled the thing over. I slowly tried to open it but I couldn't so she did that. "Calm." She whispered and rubbed my back.

Half an hour later I was leaving the room with her help. She brought me to a bedroom. When I hit the bed I was in a comatose state. I didn't know how long I was there but it felt like my body was slowly in that hot state it was three days ago. My body didn't shake but it felt like my muscles were twitching. The nasty taste was still in my mouth and I slowly found that it was making me more ill than strong. I tried to relax my mind but it didn't.

It felt like the middle of the night when someone came into the room I was in. I moved slightly and I heard a male voice slowly start to whisper. I heard another set of footprints and remembered it was Stevens's mother. I tried to move again but it became too hard and I had to focus on breathing.

"She is strong. Her power is great and he gift will be great as well." He said and Katherine shifted.

"I worry about her though. She has trouble drinking blood. She wore out her body just trying to drink down a little bit of it." She said and he stepped forward. When I suddenly felt his hand on my forehead I suddenly felt my power snap. It left my body and I sighed. The heat went away and I blinked my eyes.

"Good evening Miss. Victoria." He said running his hand a little.

"Sorry for what ever I did to your hand." I said and sat up with ease. "Hmm I feel more lose than before." I said and stretched out.

"Well that's good to hear. This is your room from now on. Your account has been accounted for the money you will get monthly. We were thinking that we would take you in as our daughter." Katharine said and I looked to them.

"I guess. It's just going to be weird. I am 22 today. Wake up on my birthday!" I said and spun around. I then went to look at the room. A bathroom, walk in closet barely filled and there was what looked like a walk way.

"That leads to other rooms. There is always path ways to make traveling easier. For our human workers. They can't keep up with us so we tried to make it easy." He said and I laughed.

"I would probably get more lost then not." I stated and they laughed.

"Welcome to the family Victoria Coldwell-Stone" She said and I laughed at that.