Alone in a darkened corner
of deep shades and dreams been shattered
I cry, I turn away, I hide my fear
to better serve, to better conquer
Hold me back as I make the leap
No, don't let go; breathe; hold deep
Another Tranquil goddess in a sea of meat
Long hair, flash of red lips and dainty...
Twitch of the eyelashes and I'm gone; lost
Another madman in a sea of lustful thoughts
Carnal desires of rampant deviant imaginations
which seek to raise high my devilish machinations
I will ravage you, body and soul
Be the one that comes to deliver your crushing defeat
beneath the soft moaning cries of a loving whole
Two figures converged as one and then...
I fall

I fall... Like the devil must have fell
When he fell from heaven so long ago
Fall from grace, fall in to hate
Fall like the heavens are shut forever
And falling on top of you, I cover

I weep like the children who have witnessed a tragedy
So overcome with grief that it becomes maddening.
My sins, like carrion birds, circle high ahead
Awaiting with quivering beaks for the last bit of tasty flesh
And here I go making an ass of myself again
But your touch sends waves of ecstacy that I hope will never end
Your eyes, staring; pleading; desperately into mine
"Please, don't stop" Whispered in that heart-breaking quiverous voice
legs clamped around a waist and I dont know whose
Arms melded, intermingling, through and through
Two bodies that became one, if only for a moment
A magic gathering of flesh and spirit
Just another minute, and then...
I fall from the split

I fall... Like the stars have fallen
From the sky above; so high; for millenia
Fall from light into darkness
Fall from sight, into oblivion
And falling, I know, I lose my self

And so I fall, consumed by sin
Never the angel, always the demon
He who comes in the dead of night to tempt
To draw from you such sweet sentiments
To twist your heart into such loving embraces
and then up and leave it in the dusty winds
And I fall, I fall, I fall
I fall like the Devil must have fell.
I fall like the stars have fallen.
I fall like the tears from the faces Of everyone I've hurt, and I fall.
But through falling, I regain it all