Do you resent me, do you hate me?
When I said I didn't love you,
Did you break down and cry, baby?
When I told you that the love had disappeared,
Did it break your heart?
And all the things I did to you,
Do you hate me for them, too?
All the sweet little nothings,
Whispered ever so softly,
Gone now to dimming memory
of a time that would better be forgot
Before the love got lost

I'm sorry for the way you feel
I never, ever even meant
For you to be faced with such ordeal
forever my lament,
it was not my intent
for the love I felt just felt so real

Do you lie to yourself even now?
Tell yourself that what you're feeling
is hate, not love, and your head bows,
your tears falling to the ground.
I wish I could share in your misery
Because at least it would mean I was a human being
But I feel nothing at all except the slightest feeling of regret
that I didn't know enough and so I fell, so you fell
head over heels down into hell
Don't you see?
The one hurting was supposed to be me

I'm sorry for what I've done
I thought I knew it all
and so I subjected myself to the fun
of the feelings we felt
Never knowing it would be you who would fall
all the way down and hit the bottom

Do you hate me? I don't blame you
You can only do the best you can do
And if I were in your shoes, I'd hate me, too
Too little did I know, and too far did you fall
Too many mistakes made on my part
so I failed to realize that love can falter in the heart
That what I knew of love was not all there is to know
And little do you understand, that it was supposed to be me
I was supposed to be the one with the broken heart, hurting
What I'm left with is the guilt of hurting you so badly
Never did I mean for it to be what it turned into being
but my regret and guilt are slowly dwindling

For you see, I don't care if you hate me
I can only apologize so many times
And lament that it was never my intent, baby
Because for all of my rhymes, I am still a guy
And you should have known just as I should have
That it was never meant to last