Every time I see you,
I see sadness in your soul
A sadness that I am powerless to heal
Your words like rushing water, falling to the rocks below
Crashing, sending shivers down spines of those who behold
Such pain to be found behind such looks as yours
Tragic how something so good has so much torture that they endure
And only those who have felt such pain can see it, I'm sure
The endless depths of such eternal rapture
A tragedy; a travesty;
That such things fall upon a person such as thee
So hopelessly, inherently good in a sea of ill intent
Lost amid the tumultuous strands of the drowning present
Every time I see you, I see the same
Horrors hidden behind a marvelous brain
Such easy eloquence in which you bare your heart
And it brings to my mind the plight of a falling star
Whose light, shining bright, makes a path through space
Brilliant; beautiful, and yet destined to be erased
As those who view it know not why
Such a thing passes in front of their eyes
And still they look ever skyward
As they reason, 'there are still other stars'
Not bothering to mourn the passing of one in a billion
Not bothering to even notice that there was a difference
Every time I see you, I wonder what you've seen
What have you gone through that devours your entire being
As those who view you stare on, not having seen what you have
Uncomprehending, uncaring, like vultures in the sand
The plight of one who is so lost and so very alone
Troubled; nightmare ridden, and weary to the bone
How long can you last in this world of wrongs?
How long can the strong remain strong?
Because even with all of your 'weaknesses', as you see them
You've managed to hold on and persevere in spite of them
An incredible person you are, for any one to view
And this is what I see, every time I see you