I want you to take a walk with me, as I explain to you the intricacies
Of the world around us, it's history and everything that should be plain to see
Open your mind and your eyes, prepare to have yourself modified
Are you with me? are you listening? Good, good, let me simplify
We are living in a world, today, that asks you to let others think in your stead
Where free-thinking still has not made it's way into each and every citizen
Millions of people still accept the words of their fellow man without question
And still these same millions denounce blind faith and that their minds are open
But tell me, when it was, that we stopped being able to think for ourselves
Tell me when it was that we decided to let others guide the fate of our world
Was there a committee to decide that instead of informing the people of their indiscretions
That instead of just providing advice, they would decide their lives for them?
Now excuse me for pointing out the obvious here, but If people can't trust themselves with the big decisions
How can they trust another man or woman to make them for 'em?
Blind faith, it's the blind leading the blind and no one has a clue as to what's in front of their faces
No matter how old you are, you still don't know what it is you're doing, no clue at all to the different phases
of the world around you, of the multitude of places except what your told and what you experience
Now this is an exercise I want everyone to perform: Turn off your Televisions, your Radios and put down your Newspapers
Go outside and open your eyes and ears to the world around you, breathe in the fresh air
Make for yourself your own observations and decisions and assumptions about the world around you
Instead of trusting others to decide and observe and inform you
Not everyone has your best intentions in mind, and a lot of people in this world have let greed consume them
Too willing to step all over others in their power-driven struggle, the ultimate reward being fame or fortune
People will lie to you, tell you something that isn't true, delude you with illusions of a world designed to suit you
But in the end, it's all just a lie, and those without open hearts or open minds will fall into the trap of the multitude
Freedom does not exist, you are not free in this world of luxury and technology
But instead a captive in a jail that has no bars or walls, a cell of Bureaucratic creativity
To steal from you the very freedoms originally intended, through written words of legalized documents
A body of men and women fighting a war on paper, with pens, so complex as to confuse the minds of ordinary citizens
So you see why it's important to exercise freedom of the mind, to think for yourself and scrutinize
The word of your fellow men and women, to choose to believe or not believe what they inform you of
And to make your own decisions on what's important in your life, to not become the victim of this supposed freedom
It is important that you all rationalize, take it all in and prioritize, open your minds and eyes
Take not the words of your fellow man on blind faith alone, be wary of the advice given for free;
Explore all possibilities