Hold up... wait... You're not expecting anything of me, right?
Ok, just making sure before I start.
You know I'm not any good at this, so bear with me As I bring to you some more of my heart .

If this life is all that we have
And at the end, the final adventure
Whether heaven, hell, or nothingness
The result is still the same
a parting of spirit from flesh,
How then, do we live our lives?
To what extent and to what end
What makes living worthwhile?
For each person, the answer changes
For each person, it takes on new life
And for us all, whatever it is
It's enough to carry us through the night

I apologize for the lack of cohesive thought
But I'm afraid that my thinking is all for naught
So bear with me as I take you all for a ride
Through the magical land that has become of my mind

So if we are all to die
And this is all we have, this life
Forgive me if I'm pointing out the obvious
But shouldn't we make the most of what we have?
Should we not do our best to be better than our past?
Should we not do our best to help our fellow man?
And if the answer is no, then what is the plan?
To carry on for selfish needs; desires,
Something which adds warmth to the inner fire?
I fear that many will never learn
Or those that do will learn too late
the important parts of life, the simple things

Am I becoming redundant, yet?
I feel like I'm bearing the same message again and again
so desperate to lead people in what I feel to be the right direction
I hope I'm not becoming too overbearing.

Simply said, I don't know all there is to life
I'd be a fool if I said I did
But what I know is what I know to be of wrong and right
Of the various shades of grey between black and white
And the multitude of colors which are filled with light
Each has its' purpose and its' reason
Each balance out everything in existence
So for me to tell you what is right or wrong
is very difficult, due to the fact
That if everything is for a reason
Then even the bad is for the good,
for without it, there would be no opposite.

I hope you've enjoyed my little rant
What I hoped to accomplish with it, I can't be sure
But in the end, all I can do is all I can
And hope that it will be enough to endure.