I can feel it at the edge of my consciousness,
eating away at me,
trying to destroy
all that I have become; all that I will be.
Playing; tormenting, it's all the same.
Who will I be,
if the me that I am becomes a me
that I never even dreamed of bringing into being.
Meaningless. Random. Drivel.
I scream, you scream,
and there is no difference.
Brought on by lack of sleep, this madness
and the hunger that should be eating away at me is nonexistant.
This throbbing pain in my skull will not go away.
Inside of me; spreading
like a plague, it's growing
and always me, it's changing,
destroying all I was, what I wanted to be.
It will always be there, haunting.
Shades of the past, ever-threatening
to close in and consume, once and for all
my hopes, my dreams; my ever-lasting soul,
and my silent screams will be drowned out.