Welcome to the paranoid delusions
of a bipolar schizophrenic
Where the world is out to get me
Where shadows lurk on every street
Demons, chaotic, melodic
like shrieking sirens
calling to the dark side
of the person deep down inside
Asking me to rip to shreds
the very tendrils of self-progress
and become like a demon myself
preying upon the anger and hate of the world,
the people in it
fear drawing me down, ever down
Into a pit of my own darkened thoughts,
my dead imaginations
of a future I thought I would have
desperately clinging to the decaying present
of an already darkened past
mental visions of devil illusions
created by the psychotic delusions
of an escaped mental patient
devilish in my machinations
to bring sin to the eyes and ears
of the everyday people, to aid their fears
that someone is out to get them
like someone is out to get me
welcome to the paranoid delusions
of the split side of my personality