Who are we, in this world of complex reality
Who are we to sit in comfort while others suffer tragedy
To not feel guilt or to shrug it off, continue with our day to day
As if none of it exists, none of it happens, bury our heads in the sand

Take a look around, at the world outside your door
And look within yourself and see that you're just as insecure
No need to put down or raise yourself higher than anyone else
As it's just a lie we tell ourselves to feel better than before

Who are we to condemn as we sit in luxury
Who are we to convict when our sins are just as bad
And who are we to sit around idly and selfishly
As the world passes by wordlessly
Without raising a helping hand

Who are we? Americans? Mexicans? Australians?
Pick a race, does it matter? Aren't we all human?
Do we not bleed the same, stand up on two legs?
Do we not all share the same feelings and emotions?

Just thoughts to think as we all sit and dream
And ask ourselves who we would rather be
A person we can be proud of
Or someone who let their selfish desires and dreams
make them into something other than what they intended of being
Who are we?