Title: Triple Threat

Genrie: humour and romance

Author : Flipper66

Story Synopsis: About a very shy guy who really doesn't get along with girls , he's had some rather very painful expeirences emotionally and physically. Oh , he likes girls they just don't treat him well. But things changes when triplets move in next door. They seem to like him and they do the twin (but in this case tripplet thing ) they share everything including the one guy that they seem to like . Whats a shy guy to do ?


Here I am sitting on the side of my house the last weekend of summer vacation ,and school starts Monday . "Joy " ,I thought. I picked up my newly aquired sci-fi book by Andre Norton , called "Star Gate",

Thinking that I would sit here in the shade of my house and read all day on my book . Unbeknowest to me however , on the other side of the house I was getting new nieghboors. The house they were moving into had been vacant for two years now . Problem was I was so engrossed in my book I didn't notice the moving truck pass by. Maybe I should have paid more attention , if I had I would have seen 3 girls that looked exactly alike. Long wavy blonde hair,brilliant blue eyes,heart shaped faces,slim but shapely fiqures who just happened to be cheerleaders at their old school. Names of the tripplets are Sara,Tara,and Lara ,age 16 years old sophomores same age as me.

Oh I quess I better introduce myself my name is Phillip Lawson , I'm what many would call a "loser" not very well liked even though I bend over backwards to help anyone out . I'm generally taken advantage of because I'm a bit smart IQ of 165 which I guess makes me the "loser geek IT guy" that many of my classmates just don't appreciate much in the school hi archie.

AN/ this is just the prologue hope to hear if you think this may fly or not


There i was sitting in my lounge chair reading away not really knowing what was happening on the other side of the house . Sci-fi was my way of escapism from my not so normal

(or maybe it was normal for some one in my position) , to feel like i was the main character expeirencing everything they were. If you couldn't place yourself in as the main character the book or story i always thought wasn't any good. however in this case i was so deep into the story that it would have taken a bomb going off next to me to let me know something was going on.


Next door:

Tara ,Sara, and Lara had just put the last of the boxes from the moving van in their rooms , when Tara spoke to her sisiters saying ,"yeh , guys why don't we ask mom if we can take a break an go look around the nieghboorhood abit ?" Sara joked , "Ya , maybe we'll even meet a cute guy ," as she chuckled. her two sisters giggled along with her as they left their rooms to go downstairs where their mother was. Mrs. Necessary their mother was in the kitchen putting some of the kithen items away in the cabinetts when her daughters came in.

Tara began, "hey mom we were wondering if we could take a break until latter to go out and look around the nieghboorhood for awhile ?" Mrs. Linda Necessary looked at her daughters thru narrowed eyes ," do you girls have all your stuff in your rooms already and put up?' Lara sheepishly said , "No , but mom we'll promise to have most of it up before we go to bed tonigh . Please can we go out for alittle bit ,pleaseeeeeee." As all three of her daughters gave her that doe eyed look while batting their eyes at their mother. Linda chuckled ,"get out of here if your going." As thety were leaving Linda said ,"you girls be back by 6pm its 4 now so two hours should be plenty of time."

All three girls sisters pumped their hands and arms up and down in the victory sign as they headed for the front door. On the porch of the house the sisters looked at each other as if asking silently which way to go. Sara nooded towards the direction which would take them past were i was sitting reading. They started walking in the direction sara had indicated and was talking quietly among themselves as they got to the corner of my house Tara just happened to look in my direction. Tara put her arms out to stop her sisters which they hadn't seen me yet and they were looking at her qizzically when she noded in my direction. "What do you think?" Lara being the first to ask the question in one of those whisper conversations that makes guys so jumpy when girls do it. Almost simutaneously the three sisters started walking up to where i was sitting.


I was still reading as the triplets approached me and when Tara sort of grunted loudly as if to get my attention as they stood at the foot end of my lounge chair i litterally through my book up in the air ,looking around totally startled because i had no idea anyone was around. The girls jumped as i did this because i surprised them i quess by my sudden reaction. Upon seeing what appeared to be three identical girls standing at the foot of my chair i thought my eyes were crossed because of the start i had. So i did something studid and hit the side of my head with my hand thinking i could get my vision to straighten up. At this all three girls started giggling, Lara spoke up,"my sisters and i get that a lot but not as funny as you just did it". I knew i just did something stupid and was almost totally red faced instantly. Being shy around girls because of past experiences i generally stuttered alot which didn't help alot either. "uh, uhmmmm... wwhooo.. are... y you... "getting redder in the face yet thinking three gorgeous girls are actually talking to me and they must think i'm a nut case already.

Tara spoke again, " i'm Tara , she's Sara ", indicating the girl on her right, "and she's Lara,"indicating thegirl on her left hand side. "We just moved into the house next door ," pointing in the direction of the house that had been vacant. "What's your name?" Still somewhat shaken because of the situation i was still stuttering ," Ph... Phi...Phil Law.... Laws..son....",

i managed to get out. Sara giggled , "Are we making you nervous ?" she asked then tilted her head and smiled. Oh God , i just felt my blush get even redder i think as i answered her,

"Yaaa.... j...jus...just a.. a... little.. ". Lara spoke next, " I think more than just alittle judging by how red your face is but i think it makes you look cute." Almost on que all three started laughing but with smiling eyes which made me blush even more. Sara said , "We're just out for a bit to see what the nieghborhood is like care to show us around?" All three were now smiling at me which didn't ease any of my blush as of yet however i indicated by saying, "Umm... I... quess... i.. can.. " i stuttered again.

AN/: I'm sorry the chappys are so short but i'm not quit sure were this story line is going yet so if you will read and review. I know i'm probably not very good at this yet but i'm trying so any reviews (constructive that is ) is appreciated also any suggestions which if given any will be acredited to you in my authors notes. flipper66