i can't believe that i almost let you go,

i must have been a fool,

to let someone like you,

fall through my fingers,


but luckily,

you liked me enough to hang on just a little bit longer,

and i took you right back,

although my heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest,


it was thrown on the floor,

and i couldn't take anymore,

but you showed me,

baby, you showed me,


that you could care once again,

and i love you,

but i can't even let myself out of your hands right now,

and i trust you,


i always let the stupid things ruin everything we got,

and my drama, black-filled heart,

wants to push everyone away,

but i'm lucky that you love me,


and i want you,

and i need you,

and the reason i hurt so badly,

is that my heart was already yours,


i couldn't believe that you would just throw me away,

and for once,

i was glad that i was wrong,

and can't believe i have you,


and i can't even think about your arms leaving me,

and letting me fall,

because i don't think i'll survive many more,

with all the scars i've already got,


honey, i don't mean to give you pressure,

but, could you just let me down easily?

i don't want it to hurt this time,

because i don't think i could make it this time,


this time is completely different,

and i want to be with you forever,

but i know i'll mess it up again,

and my heart will be on the floor,


once again, i want to be something better,

and i want to protect everything i have,

but i've already given myself over,

so, please take care of me,


please let me down carefully.