"Fuck... Aw, Nate..." Dom moaned as I slid my mouth over his erect cock. Over and over in my head I repeated: finally, finally, finally. It felt so good to have his hot dick in my mouth. He tasted so good, smelled so good. My dick was hard and leaking.

His moans were so beautiful. He said everything in such a desperate and needy voice, he made me so horny, hungry for more of them.

"Aaawww, right there! Yeah!" he moaned. He put his hands around my head as I sucked him harder and faster. His pre-cum was oozing into my mouth and I swallowed every drop. God, did he taste good... I moaned in pleasure as I continuously bobbed my head on his hardness. I took every bit of him into my mouth, so far in that my nose was in his pubes. He smelled amazing - like soap and sex.

Just when his moaning got too loud, I pulled off his dick with a loud pop. He was quivering and looking at me curiously. I crawled up his body and straddled his hips. His dick was caught between my ass cheeks. His brows creased, making him look pained and horny. He tilted his head back and looked up at the ceiling before his eyes fluttered shut.

"God... I shouldn't be doing this..." he said to himself, quiet and breathless.

"Shut up," I said. "Stop being so negative and just fucking enjoy it. I'm sick of hearing you say that."

Being dominant like that made him feel more secure about things. It made him feel like he wasn't in control of the situation. It put him at ease.

He looked back at me with that same pained-horny expression, then he slowly moved his hands to my hips. He stroked them softly and shyly, then he gasped and moaned when I slid my crack against his length. He took my hips and pulled me down harder; his cock needed a release. He was eager for friction.

I sat up into a kneeling position and he watched me; curious as to what I'd do next. I reached down and took Dom's hand in my own. I raised it to my lips, then stuck his fingers into my mouth, getting them wet with saliva. I then lead his hand to my back-side, looking into his eyes as he looked into mine.

"Slide them inside me..." I said, quietly. Dom's eyes fluttered shut as his bit his bottom lip. He opened his eyes and looked up at me, then he slowly nodded. He cautiously moved his hand to my crack and hole. He rubbed my saliva against both, getting me wet and ready. He pressed his fingers against my hole, and I pushed out, making the access easier on his fingers. He slid two fingers into my tight hole. I bit my lip and shut my eyes.

"Ugh--God..." Dom moaned. He sounded so pained; just the sight of me was giving him such intense pleasure. My dick soon began to weep due to his penetrating fingers.

I jerked my hips forward and opened my eyes when I felt Dom's soft fingertips brushing against my piss slit. He got the wetness of my cock onto his fingers, then put his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean. He did it every time my dick leaked and it was leaking more than a little as he thrust his fingers into my ass harder and faster.

He added another finger and toyed with me until my ass was loose enough. He removed his fingers, and I sat back on Dom's upper thighs. I spit into my hand and wrapped my hand around his cock, getting it wet and slick with my saliva. He moaned as I slid my thumb against the underside of his head.

I went back to kneeling above his dick and reached back to take a hold of it. Dom's breathing became quicker, as did my own. I was finally getting what I so badly desired.

I positioned his cock at my tight hole, and then I slowly slid his reddish head into me. He and I moaned loudly in unison.

"This---this is wrong, we shouldn't--- Fuck, I can't do this..." Dom whined; gripping my hips tightly even as he said those words. Rolling my eyes at his drama, I felt no need to reply to him, and slowly lowered myself onto his dick; pushing him further and further into me. I moaned pathetically as his dick stretched my hole. I felt him shiver in return.

"Jesus---! You're so fucking gorgeous..." he moaned. I opened my eyes and looked at him. My heart fluttered in my chest; he was revealing quite a bit to me during our moment of passion. As I realized his true love for me, I got hornier and hornier.

"Why do you have to be my brother? " he asked, quietly. Even though we had come this far, Dom still thought what we were doing was wrong. But to me, it felt so right. I figured that I could get him to see things the way I do in due time.

I slid down further. He was fully inside me; so far inside that my ass cheeks were pressed against his balls. I took a moment to get used to his length; stroking his body all over as I sat still. I clenched my ass against his hardness and earned a moan from my brother in return. I tightened, released, tightened, released and each time Dom moaned at the sensation. He was guilty and ashamed that he loved it, but he loved it nonetheless.

His seven-and-a-half inch penis inside of me was a sensation so great that I couldn't stop myself from shivering. I felt so raw, hot, and sensitive. His dick was a huge and precious intrusion and I purely loved it.

I slowly raised myself from his lap; my ass sucking onto his dick as if begging it to stay. I moaned, letting my eyes shut as more of his dick left me. Just before his head slipped from my ass, I slowly sat back down on his thickness. His cock was big and fat; it felt so good stroking my insides. He was hard as can be on the inside, but soft as velvet on the outside; like a special type of fuck-candy.

I raised myself back up again, then sat back down. I put my hands to my chest and pinched my nipples as pleasure engulfed me. I moved faster and harder. I was getting used to the feeling of his large member. My eyes rolled into the back of my head in ecstasy. So long I'd been waiting to have him inside of me. The feeling was euphoric.

Dom was moaning nonstop as I fucked his swollen cock with passion. I rolled my hips as I sat; feeling his head moving in circular motions deep inside me, making my dick leak. Dom's eyes were shut and his chest was rising and falling briskly. I was sure he'd never felt such pleasure in his past sexual experiences as he was feeling, then.

"Aw..." he moaned.

I raised myself again from his dick, until only a bit was left inside me. I stayed still, waiting for Dom to take over. Dom swallowed and opened his eyes then softly gripped my hips. He pressed his heels against the bed and then he raised his hips to fuck me. He was slow and cautious.

I knew fucking me would be difficult for him. His whole life he'd made sure I wasn't taken advantage of and didn't get hurt. Being younger than him, he considered me too weak to handle certain things; anal fucking apparently being one of them. But fucking my anus was now his job and he was being too careful and slow. I had to sooth him; show him that I was stronger than he thought.

I slammed down hard on his dick and raised myself quickly only to slam down hard again. He gasped and moaned, brows creasing as he watched me move. He soon began to thrust upwards as I slammed downwards, so we were both fucking each other. Once he got a rhythm going, I stopped moving and let him slam his dick hard into me. I shut my eyes, wearing the same pained-horny expression my brother was wearing as I moaned loudly.

I bent over Dom and kissed his soft lips. He returned the kiss, being soft and gentle. I began jerking myself and the pleasure got better and better. After a while it got too good, and I knew I'd soon be coming. I wasn't ready to come, yet. I wanted it to last.

"Wait, wait, wait!" I cried out, eyes shut tight. Dom stopped moving his hips and looked at me.

"I don't wanna cum yet... hold on," I added. Dom blinked and a small smile made its way to his lips. He looked up at me and nodded. I swallowed and raised myself; grabbing his dick and pulling it out of me completely before crawling to the side and standing on my hands and knees. Dom's breathing was heavy and uneven as he got up from his back and positioned himself behind me.

Immediately he pressed his dick back into me, fully. He thrust and thrust and thrust. I realized I really preferred this position; with him behind me and taking charge. I moaned at the new sensation and way of fucking. He felt so good, I swear I could have cried due to pleasure overload.

"Aw, Dom! Fuck me deep," I moaned. I heard him inhale shakily through clenched teeth. He was becoming wild and frantic. He did as I asked, and slammed his length into me entirely. He pulled back until he was practically out of me, then slammed back in. I was still as he took his sexual aggression out on my abused hole. He was pounding me into submission.

I moaned relentlessly as he fucked me faster and faster. His balls hit my scrotum with every inward thrust and I could feel his tight, hot skin slapping against my ass. The pleasure was so great that I felt I could no longer hold myself up. I bent forward and rested my head on the pillow, causing my ass to raise higher. I heard Dom's breath hitch in his throat. He grabbed my hips hard in his hands and slammed into me over and over, again. My ass burned and my dick was as full as it ever could get. I started jerking myself. I was so close to shooting and was going to let it come, this time. I was so hot and horny for Dom and what I was feeling was just too good.

Despite my plans, Dom suddenly stopped moving. He quickly slid out of me and took my legs in his hands. He pulled them back towards him, causing me to fall completely against the mattress. I turned my head to look at him, curiously, and then felt him spread my cheeks with his hand and stick his dick back in. He lay on top of me; pressing me against the mattress.

His sweating chest and stomach slid against my back as he thrust in and out of me. My dick was denied the attention it needed, and I was sure that's why Dom had positioned me in such a way. He didn't want me to come, yet. He wanted it to last longer...

He fucked me like that, begging me to clench, for a good five minutes before pulling out of me and roughly grabbing my shoulder. He turned me over onto my back and I raised my legs. I was ready for him to fuck me into oblivion.

"Don't stop this time," I said as he took my legs and put them over his shoulders. He nodded and pressed forward to give me a long, loving kiss before he positioned his cock at my hole, slid in quickly, and continued to rock his hips. In this position, my prostate got the most attention and I couldn't stop moaning. He was slow and torturous at first, trying to make the loving experience last, then he quickened the pace and fucked me as hard as he had been, previously. I arched my back and gasped, feeling my heart jolt as waves of pleasure overcame me. In and out, in and out, in and out. My mind became even more hazy and all I could think about was his dick in my ass. My mind was bent on cumming.

I began moving my body with his as I felt the incredible need to orgasm. I jerked my wet cock hard and fast. I was so close, so close... I'd do anything if it meant I'd come, soon. I rubbed my ass against his dick as he briskly shoved his erection into me over and over again.

Dom looked so gorgeous above me; staring into my blue eyes intensely with his own as he thrust his hips up against my ass. He was dominating me completely and loving every minute, every second, of it. He was watching me, watching everything my face did. I felt so loved, so admired. I was finally getting the attention from Dom that I wanted. It was certainly a step up from the usual brotherly actions.

I watched a bead of sweat slide down Dom's forehead and come to a drop at the tip of his nose. It fell on my chest once he'd jerked his hips forward. I took Dom by the back of the head and pulled him to my face so I could kiss him. Didn't he taste amazing... Everything about him was amazing. He felt amazing. He sounded amazing. He looked amazing. He smelled amazing. Everything about the moment was purely amazing; including the orgasm I was about to have.

I moaned louder and more frequently, and soon Dom began to do the same. I thrust against him as forcefully as I could and Dom slammed into me as quick and hard as he could. I bit my bottom lip and shut my eyes tight. I was going numb from the pleasure.

As my eyes were shut tight and I was being fucked out of reality, Dom gripped my shoulder hard in his hand and pressed me down. My sexy, dominant brother... I really liked being controlled by him.

I jerked myself hard and fast. I was so damn wet; I knew I'd be coming for quite a while once my brother finally took me to the end of this ride. I could feel my orgasm coming. A tingling sensation in my balls turned into a tightening feeling... We moved harder and faster and the two of us moaned heartily.

Harder, faster...

"Uuuh, fuck me, fuck me!" I groaned.

Harder, faster, HARDER--!

... And then my body shook and convulsed as I screamed my brother's name.

"DOM! Oh, Dom, fuck!" I practically yelled. I felt the hot semen go from my balls and through my penis. Shooting out of me, it looked like a massive explosion. It hit my chin, neck, chest, stomach, and then filled my entire bellybutton. I was almost soaked.

Dom gasped once I came, then rammed me harder and harder as he moaned my name repeatedly. He tilted his head back and shut his eyes tight as his face scrunched into the image of intense pleasure.

"Nathan... Nathan! Uuuugh, Nathan..." he moaned. He sounded so passionate. I knew he was coming soon, he was breathing so loud and moving so jerkily; saying my name as if his orgasm depended on it. I was numb and enjoying the view of my handsome brother losing his control and coming closer to the edge of pleasure.

"Yeah, that's it. Fill me with your hot cock juice..." I whispered seductively as I stroked his arm. He looked down at me and nodded briskly.

"I'll fill you, sweetheart, I'll fill you...!" he whispered hoarsely. I smiled and arched my back, then reached back and gripped Dom's ass cheeks. I pulled him harder into me. Dom moaned loudly, then swallowed and continued his heavy breathing as he watched me. He bent down to bite and suck on my nipples. I bent my neck, shut my eyes, and smiled in pure pleasure.

"Mmm, Dom... fuck it as hard as you want."

He did as I ordered, fucking me with all his might, then finally his breathing stopped and his mouth opened wide as he groaned in pleasure. He shot load after load after load out of his dick; filling me with his warmth. Even as his cock filled me, I felt his juice seep from my stimulated asshole.

Dom collapsed on me; digging his face into my neck. We were breathless and exhausted.

He kept his deflating penis inside of me as he gently kissed my neck. I was so at peace.