The centre of attention. That's where she wanted to be. The thought was selfish and she knew that but she couldn't help but crave a friendship that was close and true. A person who would always find her jokes funny and be their first concern if she look as though she might need it. Right now she just felt as though she was an outsider looking in on those kind of relationships.

She did have friends, great friends they were her best friends but she couldn't help but feel that she wasn't theirs. She was like the third wheel in their friendship. They liked her but she didn't quite belong.

When the opportunity to make new friends presented itself she took it whole heartedly (she was placed in classes without her friends). She did remain close with her old friends but she felt this was her opportunity to be someone's best friend part of the centre of someone's world the kind of relationship she yearned for. And she gained it in two other girls whom she shared classes. Her new friends seemed to be provided what she needed and what she wanted but she couldn't help this nagging paranoia that she would lose the relationship she had gained if her new friends and old friends were to meet.

She stopped any meetings for as long as she could claiming 'they wouldn't get along' and 'your sense of humour is completely different to theirs'. Eventually the separation became to hard as she stared to see more of the new girls. She couldn't keep them apart any longer and to her dismay she watched her friends form close relationships while slowing quietly and maybe without realising it, shutting her out till once again she was pushed to the outside and left to look in.

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