Icicle Laughter

Sing to me once more, Summerbird
When Winter steals our warmth
I know these words will freeze and fall
As snowflakes from your mouth

It's late November and
Your nervous laughter rings
Like dark notes across a xylophone of
Icicles that have just begun to form

Oh, Summerbird, Oh Summerbird
We both know you've got to go
Sing your song down south for me
I'll listen quiet from the snow

Fly far from these rooftops
Here Jack Frost will freeze your wings
And I want those pretty feathers flying free
As a summerbird's should

Goodbye, Summerbird

I'll wave softly, catching snowflakes
For I know they hold your song
Though the words don't mean as much

Not now that you're gone.

A/N: This is a piece I wrote for the Creative Writing Club at my school. It follows the prompt, "Icicle Laughter." I guess the cynicism in the piece is a reflection of how negatively I view such a positive prompt :]

Love, love, love,
The Eternal Masquerade