The Ultimate Warriors.

Author's note this is my idea of a perfect society. I only wish I was strong and brave enough to be part of it. But I'm not fit to their standards of perfection. Sorry if it's too much I guess the values I hold are just outdated. If any notices any double standards let me know I'm trying to eliminate them from this story. End author's note.

A guy and a girl had been best friends since they where in diapers. Their names were William and Gina

They grew up together, played together and had many good times and bad times together.

They where orphans all 4 of their parents died in battle and they had nothing to lose but each other. They lived in a patriarchal warrior based society. The Tribe was called the Red Hand. .

The Patriarch was often a great grandfather.

The patriarch's wife was also a very much respected person in society.

This society recognized the role both genders played in creating strong warriors. Men could not exist without mothers and women could not exist without fathers. Therefore both men and women where given utmost respect.

Having children was seen as a great Honor.

Miscarriage or abortion was seen as a Curse.

If a woman died giving birth and the child became a strong warrior the woman was given an honorable burial.

At a young age William and Gina trained to be what are now called child soldiers. The Red Hand army became their only family. And gave them a purpose in life.

They where trained by an experienced War Master named Rama and his Wife Raksha in the methods of the Spartans, Amazons, Ninjas , Samurai and a mix of Judaism and Christian teachings. The tribe learned of these cultures through visitors from foreign lands. War master's Rama and Raksha became a surrogate Father and Mother to William and Gina.

They took a special Elixir that made them stronger, smarter, increased their fertility and their life expectancy...

They exercised their bodies into powerful weapons.

They where given training on how to resist many forms of physical torture.

Despite all this they did know Love and they did know a God. Luckily their god did not require virgin sacrifices. They knew victory could only come if they prayed to him. In the Red Hand clan everybody young and old was valuable. experience could only be taught to the youth by the older generations. The customs and Traditions in their tribe included, a life debt for saving a warrior's life, oaths of friendship with other tribes they considered to be their brothers and sisters in arms, Rites of passage and a coming of age ceremony and in place of marriage a blood oath of fidelity. In place of marriage it was customary for lovers who passed their rites of passage to swear a blood oath and mark and claim each other as their soul mate so neither could commit adultery. This was usually done in the presence of their lover's fathers as witnesses. During peace times marked men and women usually went topless to display their marks. Being topless wasn't considered a sin it was a sign of thanking God for giving them bodies. The mark's came in many styles each had two parts one part was for men and the other part was for women when people marked each other they put their name on the mark.

Put together these marks formed a completed puzzle. When other people saw these marks they knew that person was claimed and was forbidden to go with anybody else.

For instance if a man saw a woman with a mark it was legal for her to fight to the death to avoid going out with a man who didn't share her mark. And likewise if a woman saw that a man was marked he would likewise be legal to refuse her.

The punishment for disobeying these customs was tar and feathering, a public shaming and banishment from the tribe stripped of all weapons and clothing. If found guilty of Murder, rape or kidnapping the accused were punished by psychological torture involving altered states of consciousness where they didn't know if they were alive or dead they kept this up until the accused confessed or they begged for death at which point the genitals of the accused where amputated Leaving them to suffer the shame of having no children.

Upon completing their Rites of passage William and Gina became lovers and with Rama and Raksha as witnesses swore the blood oath, marked and claimed each other as their soul mate. They would never cheat on or betray each other; they would die together and even be buried in the same Grave together if necessary.

Gina and William did not fear death to them it would only mean rejoining their families. They sealed it by marking each other on the chest as their personal property and nobody else's.

Then they lost their virginity.

They began by removing their loin guards. They looked into each other's eyes and whispered "I love you." They eyed each other's body and thanked God for giving each other a perfect body.

Then they kissed they opened their lips and let their tongues explore each others mouths.

He massaged her breasts and sucked on her nipples. Then they lay upside down and she sucked on his manhood and he sucked on her womanhood.

Then she lay flat on her back and said "take me I want to bear your children." he entered her and pierced her hymen. Her walls closed on him.

There was pain at first then it turned to pleasure. And they continued in and out in and out they marveled at how they fit together like puzzle pieces. It felt so good to be complete like this. Then both he and she climaxed and hit their orgasms.

After they recovered they each said "now you are my other Half."

One day a Warlord named Shadow and his army called the Black Star came from an equally equipped and trained opposing tribe and declared a challenge to the Patriarch. The Patriarch accepted this challenge and called up his best warriors. William and Gina where among the best of the best. William and Gina put on their Red Hand armor and took up their weapons. To defend their home each warrior carried full battle armor, a Shield, a katana, a scythe Dagger, a hunting Dagger, a slingshot, a cross bow and a blowgun with poisoned arrows and darts. William and Gina fought hard and long they won many battles and achieved great victories. Shadow and the hornets called up his elite warriors among them his Son and Daughter Dante and Nyssa. The Black star warriors wore black battle armor and carried the same weapons. William and Gina became Notorious for their skill and bravery. William and Gina became a scourge in Shadow's side. And Dante and Nyssa became a scourge in the Red hand's side. William and Gina where bested by a surprise attack and captured and held prisoner. While they where held prisoner they where stripped of all weapons and all clothing.

Shadow had been impressed with their fighting and offered William and Gina a Deal.

He would allow Gina to marry his Son Dante and allow William to marry his daughter Nyssa and make them both very rich if they would join his Army and tell him secrets of their culture if they did not he would bury them alive .

Both his son and daughter where very beautiful and it was a tempting offer but William and Gina told him to shove it. They explained their fidelity marks to Shadow and said "You will only reunite us with our dead parents we're actually looking forward to our burial."

When that didn't work he suggested dropping them into lava, into shark pools, acid pools, bottomless pits, and exposure to the black plague, To which William replied "go ahead do it" and Gina replied "Boring you can do better then that"

Shadow continued "boiling alive, skinning, hanging drawing and quartering, disembowelment," to which they replied "do just as you please just don't let us die of boredom" Shadow realized killing them would be no use. Also having heard more about their culture he realized torturing them wouldn't work either. So he kept them locked up until he could find a use for them. Telling them "if I had warriors like you I could conquer the world." He allowed them food and drink. Eventually Old War Master's Rama and Raksha showed up in disguise and set them free. William and Gina reclaimed their armor and weapons and escaped, they surprised and killed Shadow and took over his army which included his Son and Daughter they became allies. Dante and Nyssa joined William and Gina's tribe and took rites of passage and blood oaths of fidelity of their own to a brother and sister pair named Victor and Victoria. They became eight strands of rope. The Black star and the Red hand armies intermarried and their training systems and Customs merged.

Dante and Victoria got marked and Nyssa and Victor got marked and the four of them took the blood oath.

Gina, Victoria and Nyssa eventually got pregnant and had many sons and daughters.

When their children passed their rites of passage, they took the blood oaths and marked each other

And the three families became grandparents and eventually with Rama and Rasksha's grand children became great grandparents.

Gina and William eventually became the leaders of their tribe Rama, Raksha, Victor Victoria. Dante and Nyssa formed their council.

Even in their old age they were still Fertile enough to have Children and still enjoy sex and fighting battles and passed on their wisdom to the younger generations.

William, Dante, Victor and Rama created an elixir made from their blood and semen and Gina, Nyssa, Victoria and Raksha added to it their menstrual blood. This elixir was essentially their spirits and was kept in Preservative Jars filled with women's vagina fluids. Their descendants where to guard it until a future when their spirits could be recalled into new bodies.

Their descendents and their culture preserved their blood lines until the year 2012.

The tribe modernized and participated in all the major wars of the Millennium and made new alliances with other cultures and races and religions and advances in weaponry and warfare. Undercover Warriors of The Red Hand and the Black star quietly infiltrated the governments of the world and waited for the orders from their Patriarch and his council.

In spirit form Wiliam, Gina, Victor, Victoria, Nyssa, Dante, War Master Rama and Raksha watched all world history from heaven.

They foresaw Obama's regime and didn't like it one bit. They didn't like the way he would casually approve the deaths of innocent babies, they didn't like the way that people divorced and cheated on their spouses. They didn't like the way that he deprived citizen of the right to bear arms just so the Government could shoot unarmed civilians, They didn't like the way that Feminism was and much of liberalism where destroying the concept of family and marriage. Both Men and Women where refusing to be Father's and Mothers and the birth control pill and Abortion were Denying physical bodies to the spirits in heaven. The super rich didn't give money to charity, nobody believed in Honor, loyalty and respect anymore, teenagers where refusing to listen to their parents. Racism and intolerance towards God's great religions was rampant. The elderly where rarely consulted for their wisdom and experience anymore. It was ironic that torture of terrorists is permitted but criminals where bribing juries and getting off scot free on such things as being mentally incompetent to stand trial. And to top if all Off Obama could have committed an action that if he where a white man would normally get a president impeached and all he had to do to avoid conviction was to pull the race card. Leaving the people powerless to oppose him. Bush at least had the decency to ask spiritual leaders if what he was doing was the right thing to do. And to treat those Muslims who weren't supporters of the terrorist regimes as allies. Obama did not consult with spiritual advisors. So the tribe believed the time was right to recall the spirits of their great warriors they opened the jars and the warrior spirits released and entered the bodies offered by their descendents.

Their mission was to infiltrate Terrorist regimes and the Obama regime and replace it with their traditions and customs.

The Warriors successfully Captured Osama Bin Laden, Kim ill Jong, Castro Achmedinejad and their sons.