"Nobody loves me, everybody hates me."


Children laughed and laughed.

He sat on his chair with no arms, no legs. His widen blue eyes. Oh how beautiful. Pale blue shades that reflect them, oh how beautiful.

His fingers crunched, how beautiful.

His lips split open, how beautiful.

How utterly beautiful he was, as he lie there bleeding, his eyes wide opened. He smiled with pearly white teeth. His skin was unmarred, unbruised. Pearly white skin.

But no one loved him. How utterly alone he was. Utterly alone, but utterly beautiful.

His naked body sat on his neatly cleaned seats. His unclean window filtered through the beautiful sunflower-colored light. And he smiled, with slightly crooked teeth.

How queerly did he eat, only bloody meat. Oh how strange.

How queer it was when his head was broken in by the axe. How stunningly beautiful was the blood and brains, spattered on the floor. How queer. How strange. How beautiful.

"Nobody loves me, everybody hates me."

And the children laughed and laughed.