What once flew from

My fingertips with ease;

Now exists as nothing

Beyond a frustrating tease.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

The keys on the computer I pound;

Nothing appears on the screen;

Tortured by that annoying sound.

What happened to the days

When I could write on the fly?

What happened to the days,

Where without my art I would die?

It's still in there somewhere,

It must be, it has to!

Those magical limerics

So fresh and so new!

But now there's nothing;

MSN gets in the way.

I'm always distracted;

Who's on Facebook today?

Instead of writing poems,

I'm Tweeting all day;

I have online ADD,

MySpace take me away.

Oh, technology

You were supposed to be advanced,

Oh, technology

How'd you trap us in this dance?

To get back my muse,

I must relearn to focus;

Forget all these distractions;

Goodbye online hokus pokus!

Farewell dear Xbox,

See you soon my Mac;

Blackberry away,

I'm getting back on track!