Time stops.

In an instant

all the former pain

comes flooding back.

I'm not a child anymore

And this time you weren't hurt.

But it doesn't matter,

Because deep inside,

That pain still exists.

In that moment,

My heart stopped

And the memories flooded back.

You're alive and uninjured

And I'm so grateful.

But an hour later,

I'm still shaking like a leaf.

I want to cry;

I feel as I did when

it happened the first time.

All those familiar fears,

All those familiar tears;

Emotions from 19 years past.

Hear come the tears;

Hear comes the hurt;

The hole in my chest

Is open once again.

I need God to bring me peace,

I need Him to take the hurt;

Without Him I'll fall

Back to darkness;

Lord, don't let it take me back!