Guardian Angel

Wherever you go, whatever you do
there's always someone watching, watching over you.
You may think you're alone and no one cares
but there's someone standing beside you through happiness and fears.

You never see it and that's why you don't believe
but there's someone protecting you without having anything to achieve.
It's a gesture of pure and innocent love
See; she was send from the heavens above.

She helps you a little everyday
in her own invisible way.
It doesn't have to be so much, she just doesn't want you to get hurt
but you don't have to worry, she's always on alert.

When the tears are pouring and you feel this is the end
she sits beside you as your very best friend.
She won't leave your side until she's sure you're okay
but when she's gone, she'll still be watching from far away.

Why you may ask,
why would someone take on this strenuous task?
Why would someone do something like this for you,
a simple human? This seems untrue.

Well, it's a gift, a gift from the sky.
From a benefactor that doesn't want you to cry.
God loves you and that's why he sent you a protector, a lovely friend.
That only wants your life to amend.