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This story rated 'M' for a reason, it contains yaoi (m/, boyxboy, homosexual content, and all that) , overall sadness, abuse of all kinds and language!

The Mirror's Reflection

Wiping his chin with the back of his long grey sleeve, Darin cleared his throat and made a scene by dramatically spitting into the toilet next to him. His company hastily zipped up their pants; the noise made him flinch and his tail stiffen.

The other boy tilted his head to the side, floppy burnt blond dog ears dangling from the side of his face. "S-sorry." The dog shoved a hand into his short, unstylish curls and Darin was forced to remember the tough hair similar to that which his nose was forced into but a few moments ago in the dog's one-sided afterglow and shivered quickly. He thought this would be fun, but made the mistake of picking this quick dog. Darin preferred rabbits.

Standing from his kneeling position Darin shrugged, brushing his straight black bangs from his eyes only for them to settle back in the same place. "S'okay, you just don't taste right, is all." He smirked and the edges of his lips shone with the remains of the lip-gloss that he once had applied to perfection. A long tail swung from side to side behind him deviously and he opened his eyes a little wider, lightly raising his elegant fingertips to the small groove that marked his bottom lip. "Could you taste for me? I'm not sure if it's my coffee this morning or you should eat some more of…Oh, what vegetable was it that helps with this kinda thingy? Aww! Now I can't remember!"

His company looked a nervous, fidgeting with the bottom of his shirt as Darin slipping closer but he didn't care because if he was going to suck on anything that wasn't Brent's then he was going to damn well get a sweet kiss along with it. The dog was quickly backed against the bathroom stall's door and it was easy for Darin to slide up against him, pushing aside the dirty blond curls that surrounded the boy's face and lightly pressing their lips together in a friendly kiss.

Brent never gave him kisses. But it was Darin's fault for expecting something so out of place.

Darin's mind went blank for a moment and was only brought back by an uncomfortable wiggle from the dog. Ending the kiss with a satisfied comical 'PAH' he giggled, "I know that it's something that you eat but I just can't remember!" He sighed upon realizing that the dog has unconsciously taken a positive step forward and reached to tangle his clumsy fingers in Darin's shoulder-length hair but instead somehow managed to grab one of the two short horns that bent towards the back of his head. Tilting his head to the side, the dragon lightly gripped his company's wrist as they blinked and immediately released the crimson horn, blushing profusely, not understanding fully what it was like to own such a thing. "Anyway," Darin interrupted the canine in its wondering, "just start eating all the vegetables that you can find, okie? Because, seriously, it's not the coffee."

With a quick chuckle, Darin wiggled out of the dog's embrace and pushed him aside to swiftly open the lock on the bright blue door and push it back, almost hitting his company in the face. Stepping out of the stall with a sigh only to find a few gaping bystanders, of whom had either been in the bathroom from the very beginning of the whole ordeal or had just walked in to find a the tall dragon hop out of the stall clad in black skinny jeans with a small pink skirt over the top and tight white tee-shirt with Mountain Dew™ font that read 'mount and do me'. Needless to say, though they may have seen the flamboyant demon before, perhaps they hadn't seen him exactly like this.

Sauntering to the sinks, his little pink miniskirt lifting as Darin leaned over to look at his face closer in the mirror to reapply his lip-gloss and if he weren't fortunately wearing his tight pants beneath the pink garment nothing important would be properly covered. He mumbled to himself for a moment about vegetables and whether or not a certain one started with an 'A' or a 'Q'.

The dog looked gloomy as he slunk out from behind the blue door and felt all eyes on him. Despite all that had happened it wasn't like he was going to see the whole experience as a bad thing though and he looked over to the black-haired dragon whose tail swept a perimeter around his back end as if it were a force field protecting him from a sudden attack from behind. "Thanks," he muttered to Darin as he shuffled out of the bathroom, keeping his eyes on the ground as he walked, ears still flopping off the sides of his head.

Darin glanced out of the corner of his eye, ceasing his reapplication to watch as the canine timidly crept from the bathroom and smirked at how strangely quiet the boy was. It made him giggle and internally long that Brent had a few of those cute little qualities that were frustrating, but funny at the same time.

It was just a crush really; something sweet that he had held to his heart so close that he doubted that anyone would even notice, let alone the center of his attention, Brent. The boy probably didn't even know that Darin existed. A moment later a tall, unmistakable pair of white bunny ears bobbed in the mirror's reflection behind him and Darin spun around.

"BRENT!" He squealed in sheer ecstasy that the glorious boy had merely waltzed into the third floor boy's bathroom just when Darin was beginning to fanaticize about the other boy holding him in his arms.

The rabbit winced at the loud noise as it was amplified by his rather large ears and turned towards the school's only drag queen. It didn't really bother him that much, the girls clothing, plus the emptiness of his consistently boring days were colored solely with the pashas of Darin's wardrobe, but he still didn't understand why the boy had to be as loud as his clothing.

Darin was quickly in front of Brent and, with one fairy-kick, all but flew against the bunny's chest, knocking him against a locked bathroom stall (no doubt giving the occupant a heart attack). "Brent, oh Brent, how long has it been? It feels as though hours, days, years, have separated us! My love, Brent, where on this Earth have you been, bunny?"

So maybe Brent knew that he existed, but how could he not with Darin jumping up at every sign of the other demon in the halls; the boy practically got on the ground and picked up every fallen white hair in hopes that it had been shed from Brent's soft ears or tail. You know- the normal obsessive high school soul mate.

The rabbit opened his mouth to respond no doubt with a dull single word answer but was cut off.

"I've been thinking," Darin stated boldly and he cuddled against the bunny's chest, "you wanna go out?" The dragon's tail swept again behind him and he freaked out, burying his head tighter against Brent's chest, squeezing the air from his lungs. "But for real this time?"

Brent blinked and looked around at all of the shocked bystanders, homophobic or not they all seemed to be simply staring or trying to go about whatever it was that they were doing and taking frequent looks back in his general direction. He didn't really care about this ray of sunshine that blinded him and stole his lung capacity; he didn't think it in the least bit cute as some people had so named it in the past. What he did care about was the sameness that haunted his waking hours, day after day it was the same and even Darin's outfits were becoming something of a normal thing to expect. He was getting bored again, and it wasn't good when he was bored…Bad things happened it Brent got 'bored'.

Stiffly, Brent tugged himself from Darin's tight grip and shrugged. This was a new thing and new things meant no boredom, also keeping away the sameness that plagued him constantly, making him irritated and depressed. So he would say yes to this other boy and that would surly insure if not a few weeks without his sameness leering at him from every corner of his life.

Holding Darin at arm's length Brent internally flinched upon looking at him, but at least he forgot about the empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. Leaning in, he slowly pulled the dragon closer, sliding his hands down the other's petite frame and, batting his blue eyes a few times, Brent halted his progress when their noses touched. Darin couldn't help but squeak at how simply perfect everything was going. The rabbit's ears were flopping forward as he had to lean downwards to get face to face with Darin and they almost touched the top of the dragon's head. "Sure," he mumbled, not in the least bit romantically, but Darin was already high on the acceptance of his proposal to notice.

The two demons drew even closer into a tender kiss, their lips locking in a soft embrace for a few moments, eyes closed lightly and eyebrows raised. The bystanders looked away in disgust and the bell rang.

Darin broken the kiss a moment before Brent was going to and cheered, "awesome! Meet me in the foyer afterschool!" With that he skipped out of the bathroom almost tripping over his shoelaces and whacking someone by accident with his tail as he caught his balance.

Brent stared after the dragon, his blue eyes brought back to a bored looking state and the sameness descended onto his shoulders. 'That was simply not long enough' it seemed to whisper to him, 'how far will you go to be rid of me'. The rabbit sighed and tuned out of the world as it kept turning in its same unbearable way and life went on.

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