Fairytale Of New York


Ruth moved from Texas to New York city, to moving in with 4 gay guys. Everything seemed to be going perfect for her until she accidentally fell in love with one of them, the shameful thing is he's already in a relationship with another guy.

The yellow taxi's surrounded me. Day dreaming was no longer acquired. I was here. Finally. The place I had scribbled as my future home was finally my getaway. Except it was so much bigger than I planned it to be. So much nosier than I expected it to be, and I loved it. This is what I needed, a town so big that gossip from yesterday was last year to them. The only thing still standing in my way was the fact that my mom was ringing, still a memory to take away with me, her loud southern voice on the phone.

"Are you there yet Ruth?'' Mom yelled down the phone at me. She didn't mean to, but that's how she spoke to everyone on the phone. "What's it like? Is it how you expected? If it's not you can always come home darling, your spare rooms still there.''

"No mom. Everything's… perfect,'' I sighed, at the perfect view that could been made into a picture frame. "If anything it's more than I expected it to be. So you have nothing to worry but my little annoying sister,'' I grinned, so happy I was away from the brat.

"Oh don't get me started on her,'' she tutted into the phone. "I would of rather shipped her off to the big apple than you. You know since you've left this morning she's put all of her things into your room, I even caught some condoms in there, while she was at it.'' I could just imagine. My younger sister by only two years was the worst teenager to ever of been born. She was all sex, drugs and rock n roll. She was high on life and crazy. I in all of my twenty years had only had sex once, and that was because it was prom and was drunk out of my head, again something I don't do often. Then you had my sister eighteen years old, who had so far slept with nine men and half a man, which is confusing because she explained it confusing, but that's how my sister motto was. Confusing. I was the good girl, she was the bad child, that's how we were.

"You know you don't mean that mom. Your just a little emotional that I'm gone. I'll be back for some holidays to see you all, but I need a new start, and this is my chance,'' I said.

"I know I know. But leaving me here alone with your sister and father is like social suicide,'' she groaned, trying to make it sound so dramatic. That's what my mom was like, a drama queen. That was the gene she had only passed down to my sister. Thankfully not me.

"It will be great. You'll get over it. But mom I can't keep talking I know you want to, but I have a new home to get to and new people to meet, New York's waiting for me to make myself at home.''

"How awfully cliché. I guess you have only just got there, so I will let you off the phone this time. But once your settled in, you make sure you phone me. Bye darling,'' she called into the phone.

"Bye mom, have fun and tell everyone I love them.'' That was over and done with. It was now time to meet my new flat mates.

New flat mates, I liked the sound of it. New flat mates, maybe even new mates, and a new life. What could possibly go wrong?

Authors Note: So I really did not like the prologue for this. So I had to re- write this again. It deserved more potential then it was getting. Enjoy! and I'll try to update as much as I can.