"Your sister said you're the one that took Fruit," the curly-haired boy whispered, walking closer to Drei's bed. His clothes were rumbled and wrinkled and his hair was in a similar condition. "I just wanted to know what it was like; I haven't had a chance to try some out myself."

Drei glared at the guy. "You came in here to bother me for that?" he demanded, his voice harsh. "Why didn't you ask her? Or did you just start screwing each other the second you got through the window?" He knew he was being rude, but he didn't care at this point. He was tired of having people assume he'd just do something for them and not really care.

The guy was taken aback by Drei's sharp remark (and probably by the fact that he knew what they had been doing). He muttered, "Well, I did, but she said she didn't know much of what happened. Told me if I wanted a good answer to ask you." He scowled, though to Drei it looked more like he was pouting.

"It hurt," Drei replied, his jaw setting.

"Hurt? Most I've talked to—"

Travis was cut off mid-sentence by Jasey smacking one thin hand over his mouth. "Hush, you moron, or my parents will wake up and scream all our ears off." She didn't let go of him until he nodded.

When Travis spoke again, his voice was quieter. "As I was saying, most people I've talked to said it was great." He sat on the edge of Drei's bed, earning himself a glare from the sandy-haired boy.

"Did you consider that perhaps you were speaking with masochists?" Drei replied, not liking that the teen had just sat on his bed without permission. But he wasn't so rude as to demand he get off. It would probably cause more noise than it was worth, really; and Jasey seemed to like the guy well enough.


Drei sighed in exasperation. "Mas-o-ch-i-st-s," he said, saying each syllable. "Emos. You're probably more familiar with that term."

"Oh. No, they weren't."

Well, this guy officially annoyed Drei. He looked at Jasey, who shrugged. "Well, it did." Drei was no fan of conversing with anyone he didn't know well, and Travis definitely fell into that category.

"So, did anything interesting happen?" the curly-haired teen asked, seeming way too eager to find out what had taken place. It was ridiculous, really, his curiosity. If he wanted to know what happened so badly, he could just try the drug himself.

"Interesting like what?" Drei answered, his expression guarded.

"Oh shut up and answer him all ready, Rhys." Jasey scowled at her brother before crawling up onto the bed between the two boys, curling herself against Travis's side.

Shocked by Jasey's sudden demand, he did as she bid. "I grew feathers," he muttered, watching Jasey instead of the jerk that had invaded his room. "They fell out. That's about it. Not much else happened, so don't even bother asking."

"Feathers?" Travis looked around like he expected them to still be on Drei's floor.

"They're in the garbage can, you moron. I'm not going to leave something like that sitting on my floor, or in my bed, for that matter," Drei snapped, rewarded with a shocked look from Travis. "Go ahead and look, they're over there." He flicked his hand at the small garbage can sitting in the corner of his room between his dresser and the wall, part of him wanting to laugh as the other teen all but jumped off the bed and started digging through his trash can.

"Wow. I can't believe you grew feathers. That is so cool." He pulled a few of the feathers from the can, inspecting each one of them carefully. "Hey, this one's got blood on it," he said, holding it up so Jasey and Drei, still on the bed, could see.

"That must be the one I yanked out of his back," Jasey replied with a shrug, like it didn't matter.

"That hurt too, before you ask." Drei could almost feel the ache in his back at his sister's reminder.

"Y'all go to De La Salle, right?" Travis asked, naming their high school.

"Yeah, we do."

"So do I; I think I've seen you around." He paused, throwing all but one feather back into the can. "Mind if I keep this?"

"No…" Given Drei's leave, Travis smirked and stuck the feather into the back pocket of his jeans.

'What a creeper,' Drei thought, turning to Jasey. "Can I sleep now?" he asked her irritably. "Some people want to rise at a decent hour for school instead of waking up ten minutes before the morning bell."

Jasey just shrugged and stood up to leave, her hand linking with Travis's as she led him to the door. "Night, then," she said over her shoulder, smiling at him. "Don't have too many weird dreams."

Drei stayed on his bed, ignoring her as she and Travis slipped out the door, closing it behind them. He flopped over onto his side, his head hitting his pillow. He closed his eyes, not really caring that his light was still on. He didn't want to get up and turn it off.

It was still on when he woke up to the blare of his alarm clock the next morning, jolted out of the dreamless sleep he'd fallen into.