A lone silver wolf raced across the white world created by the snow. It snowed heavily last night despite the fact it was already spring. That didn't bother him since he loved playing in the snow.

As Conner approached the mansion, he could pick two distinct yelps and a series of low barks from the courtyard. Those rascals. He thought fondly as he picked up speed, hoping to reach home before mayhem ensues.

The sight that greeted him made him smile. A black and a brown cub were busy playing a game of catch with a chocolate Labrador. It was obvious that they were teasing Bonnie again. It amazed him that the six years old dog was willing to put up with such childish games.

Pitying the dog, he let out a soft growl, causing the two cubs to skid into a halt. Bonnie slowed down before stopping in front of him and barked softly. He gave her a swift nod, acknowledging her thanks, before closing in at the two playful pups.

Conner saw the glint in their eyes and quickly picked up speed, unsure whether they would run off. In his current form, he knew that unless they sat still, it was impossible for him to catch them…

"Parker, Lindsay! Stay right there!"

The wolf glanced over to the doorway, where a heavily pregnant woman stood. Wrapped in a blue coat with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, she pinned down the pups with a stare. "It's time for you to come in and have breakfast…"

Whimpering, the two cubs lowered their body and their tails dropped between their legs. The sight of their ears drawn back in submission made the older wolf smile. Despite being in a wolf form, they still recognized Vera as an authority figure in their lives.

Now, with them quietly waiting for him, he approached the light grey cub, which eyed him warily with silver eyes similar to his. He briefly shook his head before gently grabbed Parker, the older pup of the two, by its neck before making his way to Lindsay.

When she looked at him with mournful hazel eyes, Conner placed Parker gently on the ground and let out a soft whine, telling him that the decision rested with her mother. Resigned that she had to go back to the house, she positioned herself next to Parker so that he could easily grab them by their neck and bring them into the house.

As the trio walked through the door, Vera spoke. "Good children… I just finished cooking pancakes for both of you. You can have it when you clean up."

Their tails started wagging, clearly thrilled by the idea of eating pancakes. However, it made it slightly more challenging for him to carry them in his mouth. Figuring that they would obediently go and clean up, he let them go before they ran off, scampering up the stairs to wash up.

With the two of them left in the living room, Vera closed the front door, insulating them from the chilly wind. "And you shouldn't have run out so early in the morning…" She said as she turned around to face him.

He merely looked over his shoulder and head over to the couch where he placed his robe at. Without a tinge of shyness, he changed back to become human once more before replying. "I didn't expect you to wake up so early…"

"I couldn't sleep… You weren't in bed with me."

He slid on his robe and tugged on the sash. "You are being spoiled." He teased as he turned around to face her, drinking in the morning glow that radiated from her.

"Tell me about it." Vera shrugged as she placed her hand gingerly on her unborn child. "And she misses you too."

He closed up the gap between them and stooped down until he could place his ear at the womb, where his flesh and blood grew. He felt a kick and he laughed, turning his head to kiss the swell. "Feisty aren't you? Just like your mother…"

Vera looked down and shook his head. "As spirited as his father…" She smiled at him, wondering how she managed to snag such a wonderful loving husband. Six years of marriage gave them two children, age five and three and another child coming in a month's time.

When he returned her smile, a surge of love overwhelmed her, causing her to use her free hand to pull Conner up. Knowing what she had in mind, Conner rose and took her cup to place it on the table next to them. With their hand free from anything, he brought her as close as he could and framed his hands around her face. "I'm the luckiest person on earth." He whispered worshipfully, kissing her eyes, nose before their lips met, sweeping her off through a torrid of loving kisses.

Time seemed to have stood still for the two of them until they heard soft giggles on their right. Reluctantly, Conner broke off the kiss and eyed at Parker and Lindsay. Dressed in their home clothes, they looked like normal children. He was not sure whether it was a blessing or a curse that they inherited his shape-shifting gift. But it made them who they are. He was fortunate that Vera seemed to accept it easily and even joked that she was outnumbered by the canines in the house.

"Mommy, we are clean now. Can we have breakfast?" Parker spoke up, his silver eyes twinkled in delight, clearly pleased by the scene that he saw earlier on.

Vera tilted her head as she studied the two children. They looked clean… until Conner bent down and used a finger to swap behind Parker's ears. "Your ears are still wet boy. Is it water or snow?"

"Snow and water is the same thing Dad…." Parker whine as worried filled his eyes, causing Vera to burst out in laughter.

"That's quite true Conner…" She smiled as she pet his head. She glanced over at the younger child who was trying not to smirk. "And you too Lindsay… Your skirt is a bit damp."

Lindsay shook her head vigorously, scattering droplets that were still clinging on her short black hair all over Parker and Conner.

When Parker opened his mouth, clearly intending to snap at his younger sister, Vera held up her hand. "But since all of us are famished, I will let this time slide. The next time, you have to clean up properly if you want to play in the snow alright?"

The two children nodded eagerly, willing to agree with anything as long as they could eat pancakes. With a grin, Conner stooped down. A loud cheer emerged from the children as Parker piggyback Conner while Lindsay made her way to the front and looped her arms around Conner's neck. He waited until Parker locked his legs around his body and sat Lindsay at the crook of his right arm. As Lindsay laid her head against his beating heart, Conner stretched out his left hand towards Vera. With a smile, she closed the gap and laced her hand in his.

As Parker narrating his morning to his mother, with occasional input from Lindsay, Conner's heart filled with contentment. This is home. Conner thought as he watched Vera reached over to ruffle Parker's blonde hair. It might have been a rough journey since the first time they met in the woods at Oregon. But he thanked God for leading him, allowing him to find the way home.


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