That night we met in a Dark Parking Lot.

i was nervous my stomach in a knot.

Then i saw this girl standing to my right.

i walked over to here to see if she was alright

she said her name was amy, a beautiful name indeed

We started seeing eachother, my emotions were freed

i fell in love with this girl, and nothing can change this

her mouth is so gentle it makes a beautiful kiss.

I love this girl, im so lucky to have this girl

she is like a no other girl i have met, she gives my head a swirl

the love we have is legit and true

some people dont think this but dont have a clue

I'd kill any man that trys to harm My Baby

i dont know what i'd do without my Lady,

Everyday i dont see her i get incredibly sad.

We stay up late together, being dirty and bad.

Talking about love, sex and the passion for eachother

i kiss her all the time, mostly trying to smother

we always kiss for so long, she cannot breath so she takes in air

i get straight back to kissing, i dont want to stop its too hard to bear.

this is what true love is and it feels like bliss,

and how it all started was one fable kiss.