Cinnamon by DeeFective


I'm watching her but she doesn't know it. She never does. She's always so oblivious to the things around her. Which is probably why she often walks into doors and desks and chairs and walls all the time. Or maybe she's just clumsy. They make fun of her for it; snickering whispered names and placing bets on when she'll trip over thin air.
Miss Thumble-Stumble.

I happen to think it's adorable.
The way she always looks so startled when she realizes that she's fallen or hurt herself.
The way a red tint not-so-slowly creeps past her neck and to her cheeks.
The way she's so damn flustered while gathering whatever it is she dropped.

"Oh, thank you Bo," she muttered distractedly one time when I reached down and picked up some papers that had fallen when she stubbed her toe on a locker.
She seemed to look everywhere else before finally settling her anxious gaze on my face.
They're blue, her eyes.
The kind laced with a tint of grey and with that soft look about them. Like a crisp, yet foggy morning.
The kind of morning where you can't see the sun shining behind all the lazy smog and clouds but you can feel its rays on your skin, tickling your soul in only the most polite of ways.
She smiled at me, that she did, with lips the color of faded pink wallpaper. And I smiled back.

"No problem, Miss," I replied and she nodded and walked away, marking the day I fell in love.

I'm watching her now, hands moving through the air as she tries to explain logarithms to the class. There's an awkward grace in her movements and I can hear the silent passion in her voice as she speaks to a room that could care less. I'm the only one with my eyes on her but I'm also not truly listening to what she's saying. I can read about it in the textbook later. I just like to hear the sound of her voice. Her gaze lands on me and our eyes lock.

I can say that it's intense, that it's a look of unrequited passion.
I can say that I've never felt such powerful, moving emotion.
I can say that the earth moved beneath my feet and my heart refused to beat the whole time.
I can say a lot of things.

But she just smiled that little smile of hers and turned and walked into her desk.
Miss Thumble-Stumble, you're all fingers and thumbs but I wouldn't mind if they wanted to join with mine sometime.

A/N: I had this story up a while before but I decided to completely re-do because I couldn't stand to look at it.
My apologies to all those who were following before. This version is basically the same concept but there's a lot of differences from the original.
Don't worry, it'll be better. I promise.