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The child danced through the dark hallways of the Seelie sithen. It's golden and white magical hallways beckoning to her. She hummed an irregular tune to herself and laughed in glee while heading to her grandmother's chamber. Her grandmother had summoned for her urgently. She reached the seemingly large doors and knocked softly, her smile beginning to fade. Her grandmother didn't really like her, but it was unwise to refuse the queen – which is what her grandmother was. The queen of the Seelie Vampire-Faerie. So here she was. She heard a soft, sultry voice, "Come in, child." The child opened the door and walked through. The room was elegantly done in red and gold drapes with matching furnishings. The bed was larger than a king-size and covered in blood-red silk sheets. There were soft red and gold pillows piled stylishly upon it. Leaning against the pillows was a breath-taking beauty who looked no older than 26, but in truth was centuries older. When she reached the beautiful woman, she dropped down to a low curtsy and said, "Greetings grandmother, Queen of the Seelie."

The Queen's voice was filled with cold amusement. "Greetings granddaughter, Princess of the Seelie, second heir to my throne. You purposely name your relationship to me, for you trust me not to lay harm to you because of it."

It was true. The Seelie queen was a cruel, cold, sadistic thing. Everyone thought that the Unseelie were evil, and the Seelie were good. The truth was that the Unseelie and Seelie were equal in all things, but the Seelie tried harder to associate more with humans and show a better image. The Unseelie liked ways of old, where they did not interact with humans. Also, the Unseelie had more terrifying things in their court. Thing which gave grown adults have nightmares. The child answered, "I meant no insult, simply to state my appreciation for you as my grandmother."

The queen answered in a self-mocking tone, "Why is it that you always sound so sincere but I feel as if you are telling me-" The queen cut off. "Never mind that. Do you know why I called for you, granddaughter?"

"I have not a clue, grandmother, but that you said it was urgent." The child timidly answered.

The queen replied, "It is. Did you tell anyone you were coming?" Not noticing anything to warn her of any danger, the girl innocently answered, "I came in haste, not notifying anyone, not even mother or father."

The queen came of the bed toward the child. She leaned down and softly said, "It is very urgent because we need to discuss your future and my future."

She straightened and walked to the gleaming mahogany dresser and stood in front of the mirror. "You see, I am queen. You are my heir. It is natural for the queen or king to step down for their grandchildren. For a long time your parents could not conceive. And then you came along."

The queen turned around and her eyes pierced the child. As young as she was, she could still tell this was not going to go well. She had an awful feeling, almost like a premonition. The Queen continued to talk. "Your parents would not part with you, for so great was their joy in having you. I waited. Do you know why? I waited because I never truly wanted a grandchild. Yes a child is wonderful, but I do not want to give up my throne. Now that you are of seven years, your parents are able to bear to part with you for longer periods of time. Which gives me a chance to explain my choice to you and then follow it through."

At this point, all the child could do was stare with large, round eyes. "I am going to kill you. You are a beautiful, precious, young little girl, but I love my throne more. I crave my throne more. I debated and realized that I couldn't give up my throne. But I can give you up."

Now the child had come out of her paralysis and started backing away. "I do love you, granddaughter, but I can bear to give you up. It will be agony for me to kill you, and I may regret it later, but not more than I would regret losing the throne."

Suddenly the child's air passage cut off. She couldn't breathe. All she could see was her grandmother, the Queen, looking at her. She knew what was happening. All fae-vampire people had magic – fae-vampire royalty had immense and powerful magic. At the moment, the Queen was using the element of air. She was cutting of the child's air supply, slowly suffocating her. The child pulled and gathered all the power and magic she had, reeling it in. Then she let it loose in a burst. The equivalent of what she did was like a supernova. All magic had a certain taste or flavor to it, so everyone would know it was her who needed help. Because no one would let loose so much power as this child did unless they were in trouble. No one even had this much power. As the Queen killed her granddaughter, she had an idle thought, if she had lived, she would have been very powerful. Probably the most. The Queen knew people would be coming soon. Guards and the child's parents. The queen held on as the child struggled to live. All the girl could see now was her grandmother's face. The edges of her vision were dimming. Becoming dark. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't cry. She couldn't scream. The last thing she saw was the door bursting open and her parents rushing in, followed closely by guards. Then she fell into the welcome and soothing darkness.


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