I realized that not everyone checks my profile so I decided I should put an authors note in the story. Here is what I wrote on my profile:

Update (September 3, 2011): I thought I should let you guys know I'm thinking of putting all my stories on hiatus. I'm considering changing the ending and I have so many ideas swarming my head. I've been way too stressed out and that's a bit ironic since writing once used to be a venue for releasing all my stress and emotions. In a bout of frustration I decided to stop writing until it stops being what I feel I need to do and once again becomes something I enjoyed doing. I love writing, even now, but it's bad for my health - literally. It's giving me headaches and migraines and I've even once considered smasing my precious laptop into a wall. I'm usually in pretty good control of my thoughts and impulses so that was kind of a warning. I also feel it's unfair to make you wait in between every chapter as I decide when the next one can go up (since I pretty much deleted the old end and need to write a new one). I'm thinking I'll let my writing flow when it comes and collect it and THEN finally put it all together on here once I've completed the whole story (week by week, of course). So I won't say farewell, but I will say good-bye for now, and it was a joy writing for this site. And I'll definitely be making a comeback within the next few months but that'll most likely be with one-shots to get my juices flowing again. All my love and also regrets to my readers: But I promise I will be back someday.