My Enemy

By: Paul Wyatt

Love is a force that is to be reckoned with. It slides in wherever there is an opening, and it will not leave unless you rip it away. Slowly it will infect you, and eventually ripping it away will not be enough, it will be a part of you.

So there she was, my enemy, my target. This was going to be easy. All I had to do was wait for her to walk into the open. All I needed was a clear shot, and she would be dead.

I knew what I was doing. This was not my first time killing. This was just another drop and hop. Easy enough.

I waited.

I waited even longer.

She emerged.

She was more beautiful in person than in the pictures they gave me. It was a shame she had to die. She stopped for a conversation with the man she walked out with. I figured I would wait until she moved. No need to ruin the gentleman's fine coat.

I wasn't sure if that piece of leather was the only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger.

There was something about her. She was beautiful, but that was nothing special. Maybe it was how she held herself, but she had me hesitating. I knew it would pass.

All I had to do was gently squeeze the trigger, and she would be on the ground. Women would scream, men would run over to help, all without purpose. The police would soon arrive, but by then I would be long gone. Eventually they would figure out my bullets trajectory, and they would dust all around this ledge for prints or DNA. They would find nothing.

I knew the routine.

Why was this so hard then? Normally, the man with the fine leather jacket would be wiping brains off his face at this point. Why couldn't I do this?

The man put his hand on her arm and she laughed softly. I started feeling something strange. Was I jealous? No, I couldn't be.

The man pulled her near to him. My feeling got stronger. She looked up at his face, and he gave her a nice kiss on the lips. Something in me snapped.

I stopped thinking of my job for a minute. I wanted to put a bullet in this guys head. It wouldn't be hard. I lined up the shot.

I snapped back into reality, with something of a shake. As I started, my finger slipped, and my gun went off. I heard glass shatter, then people scream. I saw the beautiful woman look around before darting off. She glanced up in my direction.

Our eyes met for a brief second. Something in me changed completely.

Why did I want to kill her? Was this feud between us? Nope. I had to catch her. I needed her. I don't know what it was that came over me, but I loved the woman.

I dropped my gun where it was and darted down the building's stairs. I needed to catch her. I couldn't let her get away.

I ran into the chaos on the street. None of these buggers knew I was the cause. It was funny to think about.

I looked around quickly, she couldn't be gone yet. Suddenly I saw her. She was darting around a corner, bright red dress fluttering behind her. I started after her.

She ran, I ran.

Eventually we both had gotten away from the general crowd, she still hadn't noticed me.

I jogged up to her and grabbed her. We needed to get away from everyone else. My friends might still be after her.

As my hands touched her arms, she swung around and looked me in the face. She looked scared at first, but it quickly turned into recognition, then into anger.

She had seen me back on the rooftop? It excited me at first, she recognized me.

Suddenly I felt something sharp. My stomach felt like it was imploding. The world went red. As I started falling for the ground, I saw the woman pulling out the switchblade, looking around, and then darting off.

The red slowly turned to black.

Love kills…